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So many are misled by witnessing examples of four-wheel spinner luggage being used on the glass smooth surfaces of the airport terminals.

Two Wheel System

Those that look so sophisticated wheeling their luggage piece up to the gourmet coffee shop in the concourse are equally indignant when transporting their luggage on the less-than-perfect surfaces of pretty much the rest of the world. There is a reason that the men and women that are up in the cockpit flying the aircraft have not regressed to the four-wheel system. It just does not work. We have countless customers coming to us saying they are fed up with their four-wheel spinner luggage and the frustrations they encounter when traveling the world with wheels on their luggage that really belong on an office chair. Here's an honest comparison between our TRS Ballistic two wheel system and four wheel spinner luggage.

Here's an honest comparison between our TRS 2-wheel system and 4-wheel spinner luggage

TRS Ballistic Two Wheel System

  • Will allow luggage to stand straight up but must be rolled behind the user when transporting creating a narrower profile
  • Soft durometer inline skate wheels will roll over nearly any surface including carpet, cobblestones, grass, snow, and gravel
  • Will not roll away when left unattended
  • Will reduce the odds of a broken wheel by nearly 100%
  • Will allow for more precious interior packing space
  • Will allow user to roll 2, 3, or even 4 wheeled lugagge pieces in a well behaved straight line with only one hand and zero vertical wieght
  • Will forever eliminate the user from ever needing assistance, a bell captain, or a rental airport cart
  • Will forever eliminate the user from ever having to hand out gratuity for assitance

Four Wheel Spinner Luggage

  • Will allow luggage to stand straight up perpendicular to the ground and roll by your side
  • Spinning castor wheels (similar to those on an office chair) they are very firm which allows them to roll in any direction on very smooth, hard surfaces
  • Will not roll well over uneven surfaces (streets, sidewalks, tile, paving stone, brick, asphalt, gravel, snow, slush, pebbles)
  • Will not roll well over soft surfaces such as hotel carpet or padded flooring
  • Will roll away from you on inclined surfaces when unattended
  • Will double your chances of wheel breakage or failure thereby increasing your odds of expensive repairs or replacement
  • Will consume precious cubic inches of interior packing space by requiring more ground clearance and wheel wells
  • Will create a very awkward “hands full” experience when traveling with two - 4 wheeled spinner pieces
  • Will require gratuity, assistance, or an airport rental cart when traveling with three - 4 wheeled spinner pieces

*Includes All Black Market Series Products You can read more about Proposition 65 by clicking here.