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Premium Iron Covers (9)

leather-like feel

Black_4-W Regular

Premium Iron Covers (9)

leather-like feel


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A must for forged irons! The leather-like feel and appearance is unmatched. By far the most superior iron covers you will find. Soft and sleek, they simply slide into your pocket while hitting. These iron covers will protect your club head and hosel and maintain that new look many players desire. Fits left or right handed sets.

  • Gloveskin neoprene feels and looks like leather
  • Water resistant material, soft and pliable in all weather conditions
  • Fits all irons - left or right, easy on and off design
  • Fits comfortably in your pocket
  • Hand glued and stitched
  • Club head and hosel protection
  • 1 year limited lifetime warranty

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Premium Iron Covers (9)

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What others are saying about Gloveskin
Premium Iron Covers (9)

43 reviews

Premium Irons Premium Covers  
James T Tallant, July, 2023

I use these to protect my very expensive irons during travel. They fit great and do the job very well. They stay on the clubs, and offer full protection. I would definitely buy them again!

best quality  
Scott, June, 2023

I've been using head covers on mu irons for more than 30 years. I've tried other brands but none compare to Club Glove for fit, finish and durability. I highly recommend them.

Iron cover  
Rickey D Dunn, May, 2023

The product is nice and custom fitted. We wished for more colors to choose from especially ladies. Over all its a great product.. RDD

Very nice  
Jeffrey Dennen, January, 2023

Got these 2 match wedge covers, very well made

Carl, January, 2023

Outstanding quality. Look and feels like soft craftsman leather. Perfect fit, easy on, easy off, yet secure.

The best  
Brad Dugan, August, 2022

Well I gave my irons to my son but took my iron covers for the senior set I was buying. That’s what started it, bought him the only set that was at PGA Super Store, not acceptable !!!! Cheap no quality. Looking on line some options, magnets, Velcro, etc … Who makes these covers, who sells them, this is becoming a pain in the A.. Well why don’t you examine it was the question that popped in my mind. There it was About to order another set and keep peace in the family.😃⛳️

Iron covers  
Don A Wilson, July, 2022

Love these covers that protect my irons and keep them looking like new.

Best Iron Covers Out There  
Brad, June, 2022

I have used these covers for many years and my current Gloveskins just needed replacement after hundreds of golf rounds. The regular ones fit my Ping I25's perfectly. A little snug at first, but perfect now. As the title says, these are the best iron covers out there bar none.

Great Cover  
Robb, May, 2022

They fit my PXG clubs and protects them. They are easy on and off.

Great but could be better  
David P., February, 2022

I bought a new set of CG covers this year after trying a different brand (and losing them off the clubs constantly). The CGs stay in place, fit great and protect the heads perfectly. My only issue is the club number flag fades in time based on previous purchases (perhaps stitching the number to the cover would be better). Even then, I continued to use them since they last forever - I just wanted red instead of black this time.

Easy Fit  
William Hoffman, August, 2021

Purchased these covers and they are great. I use them when transporting my clubs and they really give me a sense of security my clubs will not be damaged. Easy to fit on and slide off after a couple of trips so now travel nowhere without them.

Gloveskin Iron Covers  
Mike Cheney, July, 2021

Love these oversize covers, much more than the regular size covers. The regular size are harder to put on and remove, the oversize are perfect, great for when clubs travel to the course and when flying.

Gloveskin Iron Covers  
Randy Walker, July, 2021

Never had iron covers before ordering these Gloveskin covers from ClubGlove. New set of irons and wanted to protect them as long as possible. Brother in law recommended these saying they are worth every penny. Great purchase , high quality product.

Best covers Made  
Anthony Lamendola, May, 2021

Love these covers! Purchased for my wife and myself! Very durable and solid material. Best protection for your clubs! Must have for any golfer who wants their clubs to look new for a long time. 5 stars

The Best Out There  
Ken Panitz, May, 2021

I`ve owned my premium Club Glove Gloveskin Iron (regular) covers now for over 12 years - and despite all the use they`ve received, they continue to protect my Ping irons just as well as the day I first bought them. Not a tear or a broken stich is to be found in any of them - and as the picture shows, they honestly still look brand new! They are pure quality, and without equal. And no other iron cover is as easy to slip on and off during a round. When I pull my club from the bag, the Club Glove cover pulls off easily; and after I`ve hit, it slides right back on with no trouble and stays there. No Velcro to fidget around with when it`s your turn to hit. The last thing you need is to have everyone staring you down as you struggle with the Velcro on your iron cover. So don`t settle for imitations. The Club Glove Gloveskin iron coves are the best out there - and as long as you don`t lose them, you will get many satisfied years of use from them.

Great Investment  
Kyle Fujimoto, May, 2021

Always tend to by the best at the time and just purchased new clubs so decided to get newer iron covers. They are the best!

Over size iron cover  
Stan Roskop, January, 2021

Old ones fit great , misplaced a few so I got a new set . Too tight for my M2 , cannot use them , had to it them to get them on , left them for a week thought they might stretch but did not . Wish I would of not of cut them , I would of returned them

Quality Product   
William Frentzel, January, 2021

Club glove golf club covers offer outstanding protection for all your clubs. The neoprene like material is very thick and holds up well to the elements. I have used these covers since the early 2000’s. My only complaint with Glub Glove was they charged so much for shipping, often as much as the orice of the product. Thus when they has an XMAS special with low cost shipping, I jumped at the chance of renewing my covers!

Always spot on  
Gringo, December, 2020

These covers are a fit perfectly. Also,The TRS ballistic luggage is first class.

You need THESE covers  
Mike Biggs, December, 2020

There was a time when iron covers were not cool; it was an unspoken rule that better players didn`t use them (that was true of putter covers, too!). But that was when good clubs weren`t so darned expensive. Today putter covers are standard (think of what you paid for that Scotty Cameron), but iron covers are just as necessary. I have several sets of irons acquired over the years, and these covers adorn every one. If you play forged irons, they are absolutely essential if you want your set to look good for any length of time, and any set of irons will look like new practically indefinitely with these. Plus they eliminate annoying clatter. And they look classier than any on the market: looking and feeling like leather, understated and snug, not unnecessarily bulky, while still providing substantial protection, and small enough to fit inobtrusively in a pants pocket while not in use. I have never had a set wear out. Don`t let the fact that pros don`t use iron covers fool you; the pros seldom buy their own clubs. Get these covers!

Love Gloveskin Iron Covers  
Cpthook, October, 2020

I have used this product for many years and so has my wife. We love them and they last a long time.

2nd Set  
Derek, October, 2020

This is my second set. These are the best. Have them on both of my sets of clubs and it protects them and stops the annoying banging of clubs.

Perfect Fit  
Brett Butler, September, 2020

I switched to Club Glove about 5 years ago but recently bought a new set. The are a perfect fit on my Taylormade M2 irons and keep them protected. Would highly recommend this product to any golfer looking to protect their clubs.

dennis m lafferty, August, 2020

3rd set over 20 years of OS-very tight, concerned about lasting.

Smaller than Older Model  
Tommy Jones, August, 2020

Club Glove must have changed these because I bought a set of XL's several years ago that fit perfectly on my oversized irons. I just received a set from TGW that I had to return because they were much smaller and lest robust than the ones that I bought just two years ago. Not sure if they redesigned them or what, but while the old ones fit perfectly on my Rogue irons, these would NOT BEGIN to fit. Much too small even though the package says "oversize."

Nice product   
John Cory, August, 2020

These look great and protect my irons while traveling. I got the larger size and they are somewhat tight on Titleist AP1’s but they do work.

Nice product   
John Cory, August, 2020

These look great and protect my irons while traveling. I got the larger size and they are somewhat tight on Titleist AP1’s but they do work.

Michael FRAWLEY, August, 2020

Second time I purchased these Iron covers - they are second to none. Great quality, tough, durable and do a very good job of protecting mu clubs. I've had people remark about them and ask where they can get them too. Would recommend them to anyone looking for quality and durability.

Used to be great  
Larry, August, 2020

The oversized covers were too small for my Ping G30’s. Would have had to work hard to remove/ replace them between shots. The old covers were great, fit well and lasted For several years. I had to send these back since they were useless in my opinion.

Great covers  
Lonnie Brock, July, 2020

Bought the red regular covers to fit Callaway Rogue irons. This is the 4-5th set bought over the years. They fit perfectly. Pretty tight when brand new but just right snug fit after a couple of weeks. I tried the over sized iron covers and they were too tight. These always wear well, too - I get about 2 years out of each set playing 100 rounds per year. I hate to listen to irons clanging together when carrying bag or when in a cart. These take that noise away. And they keep the irons pristine. Couldn't ask for more.

Ultimate Protection  
Gary, June, 2020

I have used other club covers, but following my purchase of my new and maybe last set of irons, I wanted to make sure these would help me keep the irons in good shape for many years. These are by far the best on the market. The only negative is the could be slightly bigger to help in getting them on the irons. I did get the over large size but still find it a challenge to place on the iron.

Iron covers   
Patrick , June, 2020

Tried inexpensive substitute covers but soon returned ti club gloves ... great quality ... good fitting ... durable

Nice Iron Covers  
salukiskip, June, 2020

I love the Club Glove iron covers. They can get tight if you are into extremely oversized irons but I find them to be "essential equipment" for me. They really help if your bag falls off your cart at high speed too!!

Best iron covers ever  
Gary Jarvis, March, 2020

A golfer for over 30yrs. I’ve worked in the golf business for 14 yrs. Have never used any other iron cover, and would never suggest any other brand.

Solid Gear  
Justin, March, 2020

This is my second set. Perfect for those that like to walk in silence while getting a round in. Also helpful in ensuring your gear only takes a beating when you hit a bad shot.

Club Covers  
Deb, January, 2020

They are very nice covers, however I wish they were just a little bit bigger. I have Ping G700's and it is an extremely tight fit, it does loosen up just a bit after use. I also would like to see more colors, sometimes it's hard to find a black Headcovers.

Club covers  
Mrg, November, 2019

Best iron covers ever, more colors would be nice

Nice Fit  
Jim, September, 2019

They are well made and fit nicely on my oversize clubs. I originally ordered regular size by mistake and sent them back for replacement without any problems.

Love there covers  
mcm350, June, 2019

I have had club gloves for years. They are well made and last for years, and they do their job keeping the clubs from rattling around and banging the faces together.

Always A Great Head Cover  
Mike, April, 2019

Having been assembling clubs for over 20 years, Club Glove covers are always recommended for my customers. They love them, as do I. Great product for sure!

great quality  
crh7941, January, 2019

Have been using club golf products for at least 20 years or more and never had a problem with fit or iron covers staying on clubs and lasting a long time. all my sets have lasted about 10 year; so quality is there.

Iron Covers  
Mike, October, 2017

Fit perfectly, look great, super durable,

M., January, 2016

Standard iron covers. Love your product . Have bought many sets over the years. WHY? Don't you make them in navy blue anymore?????

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