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Gloveskin Premium Blade Putter Covers

premium blade putter covers


Gloveskin Premium Blade Putter Covers

premium blade putter covers


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Available in:
PCGRB (Regular)
PCGXB (Oversize)

available in 3 colors

The most popular putter covers in golf feature a neoprene leather-like feel that is soft and sleek. Innovative design allows for easily slide on/off and most fit comfortably in your pocket while putting.

  • Extra thick, premium, water resistant material, soft and pliable in all weather conditions
  • Fits most putters, easy on and off design
  • Fits comfortably in your pocket
  • Hand glued and stitched
  • Club head and hosel protection
  • 1 year limited lifetime warranty

Dimensions Regular (internal): 5x2.5"

Dimensions Oversize (internal): 5.5x2.5"

Product Warranty

West Coast Trends, Inc. ("WCT") guarantees this product will be free from defects IN MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP DURING NORMAL USE for the product’s specified ONE (1) YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY period. If such a defect appears during the warranty period, WCT will repair or replace (at its option) the product without charge, except for transportation costs to the repair center. WCT will pay for return ground shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Return shipping via air freight is available for an additional charge. If the product is no longer available, we reserve the right to substitute a comparable product. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, normal fading, alteration, abuse, misuse or neglect of the product, accidents, negligence, or dissatisfaction with product choice. To obtain warranty service, please call WCT (our toll free number is on every Club Glove® product) for a return authorization number and address to ship product, freight prepaid, with a carrier requiring signature. West Coast Trends, Inc. hereby disclaims all liability for any harm or damage that may occur for any reason whatsoever to any customer’s personal property that may be contained or carried in products manufactured or sold by West Coast Trends, Inc. All such liability is solely that of the customer.

OUR WARRANTIES ARE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL WEST COAST TRENDS, INC. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE OR LOSS OF USE. Some states do not permit the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties and/or incidental or consequential damages, so this exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights that vary from state to state.

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What others are saying about Gloveskin Premium Blade Putter Covers

15 reviews

Fits like a ...  
Pete Edgeller, March, 2023

An excellent, excellent putter cover! Brilliant durable protection for your blade, fits closely, easy to slip on or off yet stays firmly in place, slim style fits in your pocket while putting. This cover is easily the best on the market in all performance respects. After multiple blade covers that were bulky in the bag and too big for my pocket and reliant on either magnets or velcro I came across ClubGlove and loved it from the first minute, it has lasted 3 years so far, during 150 rounds per year :) Please don't downgrade materials or production methods. If only I could get my logo applied.

Great Fit  
d2, December, 2022

High Quality and good fit to T shape putters. (4-5) inch

Cameron improvement  
Tommy Briggs, October, 2022

I have been playing a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 since they were first introduced. I cannot remember the first time the head cover fell off, but over the years I have had at least twenty different Cameron putters and the head cover was always the most and only disappointment. The Gloveskin Premium Blade putter cover solves that for me. It fits snuggly on the putter and because there is no velcro or magnets it stays where it is supposed to -- On my putter. I also like it's solid black look, so it blends in with my black wood and iron head covers. It works which is most important to me and I highly recommend this putter cover to anyone who has struggled with velcro putter covers or is just looking for a sleek look.

Best Cover for All Bags  
Tyler, September, 2022

Oversize Fits perfectly on SC Newport 2 putter head. I bought it because the normal putter cover doesn't fit in the putter slot of my bag. This cover fits well and the material makes sure it doesn't get dinged up, even when traveling.

GARY LEVIN, December, 2021


My Putter Cover  
William Dickinson, October, 2021

This putter is the best of designing a cover for my blade putter! My putter is my most important asset in my entire bag! Thanks for the quality! Bill

OS blade putter cover   
Bruce Lintjer, October, 2021

Have bought several over the years. Last at least 3 years....walking 120+ rounds a year. Cover is on and off a lot....Easy on and easy off. Fits in my front pocket. Never leave it laying some where to get lost. Red is easy to spot in my bag.

Works for my putter  
Dave, July, 2021

This fits my Odyssey Works Versa Tank 1W, but barely. The first 20 times I had to work at it some but now it goes on and off with minimal pressure but is still really tight. Key to a putter cover is slipping in my back pocket and this does that well. This is accommodated by the seams being middle top and middle bottom; other designs, including stretchy, do not fold up as nice. I have tried about 5 over the years. I bought 3 at the same time in case of losing one, then not remembering where I bought it from! Putter covers are much harder to buy online than necessary. Clubglove, and others, should show putter pictures AND putter dimensions of (say) 2 dozen putters from smallest to largest that fit will in the advertised cover. For your reference my 'blade' putter has a 1" face and 1.5" sole and I would not believe anything bigger than this would possibly fit. I am at the limit. Because it is tight, this cover will tear through for me in 2 or 3 seasons of use, but it is the best cover otherwise.

Putter COver  
Michael Lawrence, January, 2021

Bought this as a replacement for my old club glove putter cover. The cover slips on and off my odessey blade putter easily and it conveniently fits in my back pocket while finishing out the hole. I consider this a high quality product and recommend it

Great Cover  
James B Brown, November, 2020

The OEM covers seem to fall apart over time, typically cheap plastic. This cover feels good and protective.

Gloveskin Blade Putter Covers  
Terry, October, 2020

I highly recommend the Gloveskin Blade Putter Cover. The Oversize version fits perfectly on my Scotty Cameron Newport 2, and easily fits in my back pocket while on the green. I like it so much I bought it in another color.

Putter Gead Civer  
Gary Arruda, July, 2020

The putter head cover is great. It was tight at first but after a couple of holes it loosened up. It fits great, very nice quality and it's very durable. I can tell it's going to last me quite a while ! I also purchased 3 head covers for my woods a few weeks before, same thing. Fit, Quality, Durability, all excellent. Looking forward to my next purchase!

Like a Glive  
MUTiger97, March, 2020

High quality product that does just as you would expect.

Very Good Product  
Gordon, July, 2019

I am very pleased with the Gloveskin Premium (Oversize black) putter cover for my blade putter. The design is simple, the size is reasonable and the construction holds up well after long periods of use.

Grazeman, May, 2017

Cover fits my odyssey dual force 554 beautifully but after about 10 months the red is all peeling off. I certainly thought it would have lasted longer than that.

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