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TRS Ballistic 3-Piece Ensemble

The New Standard In American Made Luggage


3-Piece Ensemble

Compare rolling vs spinner luggage

TRS Ballistic 3-Piece Ensemble

The New Standard In American Made Luggage


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Available in 4 colors
The CG TRS BALLISTIC premium luggage line is designed for the affluent globetrotter or discerning golfer seeking the world’s most durable and functional luggage. This 3-piece ensemble Includes Packing Modules (3 large, 4 small and 5 mini). Hand crafted in the USA, backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Constructed of  Invista™ Courdura® 1050 denier U.S. woven military spec nylon ballistic fabric – The world’s most ideal material for high-end luggage
  • Up to 2x the abrasion resistance and up to 4x the tear resistance compared to other premium brands using 1680 D fabrics and is up to 9x stronger than polyester fabrics
  • Patented, ultra-durable CG wheel base and retractable handle for ideal balance and convenience of traveling with one, two or all three pieces
  • Ability to connect with Club Glove’s premium golf travel bags
  • Premium YKK® zippers and ITW Nexus® buckles
  • Internal webbing with superior tensile strength
  • 12 total Packing modules (in 3 sizes) included
  • All three pieces fit inside each other when not in use
    to minimize storage space
  • 5 year NQA warranty upgrade available
  • Connectable Luggage



Printable Details PDF1how to connect luggage
1connecting a golf travel bag
1Packing Modules instructions


5-Year No Questions Asked (NQA) Warranty Option

This product is designed to perform under the most rigorous of travel conditions. WCT is so confident in this product, that for an additional cost (please see specs on reverse), along with the attached Warranty Registration card, WCT will honor a FIVE (5) YEAR "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" WARRANTY. In plain language, WCT will repair ANY damage that occurs during the warranty period, regardless of cause, so long as you can return to us (at your cost) at least 51% of your product, regardless of condition. If, in WCT’s opinion, the damage cannot be repaired, WCT will replace your product. If the product is no longer available, we reserve the right to substitute a comparable product. WCT will pay (standard ground) shipping back to you. Return shipping via air freight is available for an additional charge. Due to the potential for fraud, we cannot and do not warranty in any way the contents of the product or damages due to loss or theft. To obtain warranty service, please call WCT (our toll free number is on every Club Glove® product) for a return authorization number. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO PURCHASE THE 5-YEAR "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" WARRANTY, PLEASE CHECK THE BOX NEXT TO THE NQA BUTTON ON THE FAR LEFT OF THIS PRODUCT PAGE, ABOVE THE ADD TO CART BUTTON AND AFTER COMPLETION OF YOUR ORDER COMPLETE THE ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM WHEN PROMPTED TO DURRING THE PRODUCT PURCHASE PROCESS.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

West Coast Trends, Inc. ("WCT") guarantees this product will be free from defects IN MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP DURING NORMAL TRAVEL USE for the product’s specified LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY period. If such a defect appears during the warranty period, WCT will repair or replace (at its option) the product without charge, except for transportation costs to the repair center. WCT will pay for return ground shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Return shipping via air freight is available for an additional charge. If the product is no longer available, we reserve the right to substitute a comparable product. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, normal fading, alteration, abuse, misuse or neglect of the product, accidents, negligence, damage by airline or common carrier, or dissatisfaction with product choice. To obtain warranty service, please call WCT (our toll free number is on every Club Glove® product) for a return authorization number and address to ship product, freight prepaid, with a carrier requiring signature. West Coast Trends, Inc. hereby disclaims all liability for any harm or damage that may occur for any reason whatsoever to any customer’s personal property that may be contained or carried in products manufactured or sold by West Coast Trends, Inc. All such liability is solely that of the customer.

OUR WARRANTIES ARE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL WEST COAST TRENDS, INC. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE OR LOSS OF USE. Some states do not permit the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties and/or incidental or consequential damages, so this exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights that vary from state to state.


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What others are saying about TRS Ballistic 3-Piece Ensemble

23 reviews

Very pleased   
K Dunn, May, 2022

We splurged on this as our anniversary gift for ourselves. It worked great for a weeklong vacation for two adults and two small children. It was great that the pieces stored inside each other at the hotel and we just tucked it beside the bed out of the way and didn’t even use closet space. One adult could pull all three bags with one hand which could never have happened with other pieces we’ve used. Smooth on parking lots and sidewalks. We thought about getting these for months before we did but I am sure we’ll use them for 10 or more years now and would buy them again.

Incredible luggage  
Matt Marples, February, 2022


Perfect Luggage  
Larry Wayne Fahrney, January, 2022

I travel regularly, absolutely the best luggage I’ve owned. I have the golf travel bags too, the best!

Long Lasting  
Dana, September, 2021

Bags have handled the abuse of several road trips and keep looking good. Worth the purchase.

My Best Luggage Set Ever  
John Griffin, March, 2021

Throughout my career in the Travel Industry I have consumed and buried more sets of luggage than I can remember. I always thought “this will be it, the set that I can travel with conveniently and will last the distance”. Nope. None of those sets lived up to the hope. Until now, luggage was consumable, disposable and awkward to live in and out of one way or another . . . Until I purchased this TRS 3 piece set. Brilliantly designed, easy to travel with and every time I travel I get amazed compliments. The durability of this set is beyond compare. Tough, lightweight, easy to move the whole set together fully and often heavily loaded - what would have taken at least 2 trips maybe 3 moving my old luggage sets similarly loaded. Truly a world traveller’s dream and good looking too. In and out of airports in record time. Leaves admirers in their wake!

The Best  
Ted Sawyer, February, 2021

Compared to other traveling luggage I owned in the past, this luggage blows it away with regards to image, light weight, yet totally durable. I travel extensively and people always ask me about the travel bags and I always get nothing but compliments. Each piece of the luggage set had packing compartments you will love! This products image is basically executive looking but in a sporty way. It is simply BADASS!! Ted Sawyer Executive Vice President

First Rate  
John Pittman, June, 2020

Finally had an opportunity to use our new TRS Ballistic luggage after getting it 3 weeks before COVID hit and the country shut down. This is a first rate quality product. The craftsmanship is evident and no one will mistake it for regular store bought luggage. Very impressed and will definitely buy more products!

Durable and Organized  
Jesse, December, 2019

I had to write a review because I absolutely love the three piece set we purchased! First of all it's super high quality. I've taken the luggage on over a dozen trips (including International) and the luggage literally looks like I just bought it. The wheels are the best I've ever seen on luggage- the wheels, in addition to zippers and rips, are usually the things I've had to replace on other luggage. These are roller blade wheels! Second, the bags all fit inside one another so storing them is easy and convenient. A huge plus for anyone that travels with a good amount of stuff but has limited room at home to store them. Really brilliant design choice by the company on this one. Lastly, I purchased the packing modules and they have transformed my packing for life. Super simple concept, but they are extremely light weight mesh bags so you can organize your clothes, and when you unpack you can leave your clothes in them and just lay them out on a hutch or the like. I can't even think of just dumping my clothes in the suitcase- have to have the modules to keep everything organized and wrinkle free! Great quality, convenient, and durable. Will be the last luggage I purchase.

great product usa made exactly as promised  
Jack, October, 2019

I was tired of buying 'good quality' luggage and having handles, straps and zippers break after a few uses with international travel. But the price of these products kept me from seriously considering them- I hate paying big bucks for a brand name marketed well that isn't backed up with quality products. The quality is exactly what is promised. Handles stay on, zippers work, wheels work, they hook together and roll easily over rough terrain. The hard shell keeps the bag from being crushed when other bags are piled on top. The exterior pockets of the carry on are well thought out. I carry magazines to read on the plane and legal pads to prepare notes for meetings, and the exterior zippered pockets are the right size and shape and located conveniently for me. Going through security- I need a quick place to put keys, phone, wallet watch and loose change--one of the side pockets is the right shape and size for this to happen in line just before going through security. And because somebody thought of putting that pocket where it is, I can get through line faster and put my stuff back in my pockets easily because it isn't lost inside the bag or coming through the scanner in another bin. I was a bit worried about the size and shape of these bags. They are narrower and longer than other bags I have tried. I was thrilled to discover the carry on bag fit like a puzzle piece in the overhead storage bin AND left more room beside it for other people's bags. Being narrower, it also tracks better in tight spaces rolling down the aisle or snaking through a crowded airport. I have never traveled with extra space in my luggage, now I do. It is amazing how much more stuff these bags will hold. Only problem I found is when I stupidly hooked all 3 bags together and rolled them down some brick stairs together. Looking back, I am amazed that it worked, but the sharp bricks scratched the hard shell of my carry on.

Perfect luggage   
Brian , October, 2019

We couldn’t be happier with the quality - the embroidery - everything. In addition the space the luggage is perfect and the craftsmanship is great. We couldn’t be happier!!

It is that good  
Chuck V., September, 2019

I have looked at getting the TRS Ballistic luggage set for quite some time but never brought myself to actually complete the purchase until now. The only thing I can say is don’t wait. This luggage is awesome! Not only did the pieces hook together allowing you to traverse through the airport easier, but the quality of this luggage is world class. I have use the club glove golf travel bag to protect my clubs for many years now. This luggage is a perfect complement to that. Love that it’s American-made quality. Do yourself a favor and make travel easier by getting this luggage. I am glad I did.

Bachelors Gulch Trip  
Will Souve, November, 2018

The three piece luggage that attached together was perfect for my ski trip to Colorado! The luggage allowed me to carry three bags on rollers in one hand (all attached)and my ski's over my should in another Club Glove Bag. Great American made product!

Worked great in Italy  
Kirsten, October, 2018

I just returned from my trip to Italy. Not only was this luggage very functional, I was also the most stylish person at the baggage carousels and walking the streets of Italy. One great features of the luggage is that I loved was how narrow it is compared to other bags. It made it so much easier to walk through a crowded airport or through the narrow sidewalks in Florence and Rome. I also felt very confident that the wheels would withstand the beating they took from the cobblestone streets. Now that I’m home I can’t believe the bag still looks brand new!

Family friendly and mom approved  
Brittany Horschel, June, 2018

My girls and I all have a set of these 3 piece ensembles! We travel from coast to coast and around the country on vacations and following daddy around on the PGA Tour. They make my life so much easier with there storage ability, custom monogramming, assorted packing bags and BEST of all- the linked pulling system. I can clip multiple bags together to pull at once! It’s so helpful, especially with 2 little girls running around! Also, these bags hold up remarkably well to the wear & tear of traveling- from airport handling to various kinds of weather. As a mom and self proclaimed luggage snob, I am in love with these bags and wouldn’t choose any other luggage for my family and me!

Best luggage ever  
Andrew, May, 2018

I have been a customer of both Scheyden and Club Glove for the past 10 years. Nothing compares to the quality. As for the TRS ballistic luggage, I have never had anything close to this quality or construction. I have been stopped all over the world to ask who makes it. The company is incredibly accommodating and always accessible. After 3 years of use on my current set, it shows no wear at all.

Outstanding Luggage  
Kirk, April, 2018

The luggage was OUTSTANDING!!! So easy to manage at the airport. At one point I let go of the luggage and it actually kept rolling on its own and a couple of people in the airport said wow! All I could do was laugh isn't it amazing they said yes of course it is. It was perfect thank you so much and yes, Tahiti was spectacular.

Caroline , March, 2018

Absolutely love the TRS system! Allows me to carry all three bags at the same time, speerate if I don't need all, and completely customizable based on what I need for my travel. Can't imagine not using it now that I have and will not go back to basic travel bags again. A MUST for those who travel and need options for when they do. The "train" is the BEST!

Reed, September, 2017

In the past, I had purchased what I thought was nice luggage, only to have it start falling apart after just a few uses. Then I just started buying cheap luggage because I didn't think spending the money was worth it. Enter TRS Ballistic. I purchased the 3-piece ensemble as a Christmas present for my wife and me. We have used the set for both vacation and work travel. The materials are high quality and the product functions as advertised. They also pair well with my Club Glove golf travel bag. I highly recommend for any serious traveler.

Grant, September, 2017

Wow! In a world where traveling is an obstacle course, the TRS Ballistic set has become a standard for wear and tear while organizing and protecting your personal belongings. I have been through many sets of rollers that fail. No comparison! Club Glove seperates itself with the best quality. Compliment your purchase with the backpack. Well organized and serves great as an overnighter.

Anonymous, August, 2016

Hi Guys, I travel over 350000 miles a year, globally. I am genuinely impressed with the TRS range and agree with your statement that it is the ?

Anonymous, August, 2016

I have been traveling nonstop for 38 years and go through luggage like I go through paper coffee cups. I purchased your TRS Ballistic Premium full set of luggage and I must say, this is amazing luggage. I just think this is the very best. I have never really liked packing a bag and dragging it around but this makes that task a pleasure. You have a great product here. I may never have to buy luggage again.

Anonymous, August, 2016

I am an immensely satisfied customer with regard to every single Club Glove product I own. I have the TRS Ballistic three-piece luggage ensemble in addition to two of your golf travel bags, and if there is a better travel product out there, I?

Anonymous, August, 2016

"I just had to share this with you folks at Club Glove. I have never been so amazed by a set of luggage until I saw my 5 year old son rolling our entire set of luggage with one hand. Thanks for making a great product and making traveling with the family so much easier. The wife is thrilled!"

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5 Year NQA Warranty
5 year NQA Warranty Button5-Year No Questions Asked (NQA) Warranty Option:
We are so confident in the quality of this product (please see specs), that for an additional cost, we will honor a FIVE (5) YEAR "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" WARRANTY. In plain language, we will repair or replace the product for ANY damage that occurs during the NQA warranty period, regardless of cause, so long as you can return to us (at your cost) at least 51% of your product, regardless of condition.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
West Coast Trends, Inc. ("WCT") guarantees this product will be free from defects IN MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP DURING NORMAL TRAVEL USE for the product’s specified LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY period. If such a defect appears during the warranty period, WCT will repair or replace (at its option) the product without charge, except for transportation costs to the repair center.