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Train Reaction Ensemble #2

let gravity do the work


Train Reaction Ensemble #2

let gravity do the work


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Carry-on III, Last Bag Large Pro & Shoulder Bag II

Perfect for in office meetings & on the greens meetings, Train Reaction™ System Ensemble # 2 includes the Carry-On III, Shoulder Bag II and Last Bag Large Pro. Club Glove’s integrated Train Reaction™ luggage system easily connects three pieces of CG luggage together to create a perfectly balanced, easy to roll, one-hand transport system. Glides through airports and self-balances when both hands are needed. 

Carry-On III: This premium carry-on fits easily in most overhead storage bins. Features an interior clothing divider. Includes set of large and medium clothing organizers plus a J-Hook for carrying an additional smaller luggage piece. Made in USA of US and imported parts. Limited lifetime warranty. 

Last Bag Large Pro: Travel like a pro with the ultimate in golf travel bags! Premium large collapsible bag (10.6 lbs) accommodates nearly any golf bag and up to a 47" driver plus room for gear and golf accessories. For larger golf bags and staff bags we recommend the XL. Made in USA of US and imported parts. Limited lifetime warranty.

Shoulder Bag II: (3.0 lbs) This premium compact carry-on features access on both sides, 9 total pockets and can serve as an overnight bag or for business, and housing a laptop computer. Convenient front and
back storage pockets plus cell phone pocket. Made in USA of US and imported parts. Limited lifetime warranty. 

For complete product descriptions, see Travel Luggage section.




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Limited Lifetime Warranty

West Coast Trends, Inc. ("WCT") guarantees this product will be free from defects IN MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP DURING NORMAL TRAVEL USE for the product’s specified LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY period. If such a defect appears during the warranty period, WCT will repair or replace (at its option) the product without charge, except for transportation costs to the repair center. WCT will pay for return ground shipping anywhere in the continental United States. Return shipping via air freight is available for an additional charge. If the product is no longer available, we reserve the right to substitute a comparable product. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, normal fading, alteration, abuse, misuse or neglect of the product, accidents, negligence, damage by airline or common carrier, or dissatisfaction with product choice. To obtain warranty service, please call WCT (our toll free number is on every Club Glove® product) for a return authorization number and address to ship product, freight prepaid, with a carrier requiring signature. West Coast Trends, Inc. hereby disclaims all liability for any harm or damage that may occur for any reason whatsoever to any customer’s personal property that may be contained or carried in products manufactured or sold by West Coast Trends, Inc. All such liability is solely that of the customer.

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What others are saying about Train Reaction Ensemble #2

213 reviews

Incredible build and quality  
Jorge Mena, September, 2023

I recently bought the Last Bag Large Pro and I have to say I am very happy with the purchase. I can trust that my clubs will be properly protected from any harm while traveling. Additionally I purchased the "J-Hook" which creates a self-balancing train by connecting the Last Bag Large Pro and a Carry-On. The wheels are smooth rolling so there is little resistance.

Large Golf Bag  
Tom, August, 2023

The large golf bag is perfect size for traveling by providing more than enough room for clubs, two pairs of shoes, and other golf accessories. Traveled to Ireland and bag was easy to roll and handle. Really like that it stays vertical on its own and the fabric bag is very durable.

Bag did not dissapoint  
Beth A Stombaugh, August, 2023

We ordered the Last Bag Large Pro as a retirement gift for someone in our office. The bag came quickly and was even better looking in person. The recipient was ecstatic! Thank you for making the process such an easy one!

the perfect carry on  
Morgan, August, 2023

this is the perfect carry-on! Highly recommend. I was able to pack everything in for a 5 day trip. Rolls perfectly and easy to manage. On a full flight I was able to get the carry on in the overhead storage with the wheels facing outward. Other than that slight adjustment, I would say i am extremely satisfied. The storage bags that came with the suitcase were excellent for shoes and dirty clothes. The quality and style are fantastic. I am extremely satisfied and love supporting USA business!

John Roberts, August, 2023

Highest quality and tons of room for extra shoes, rain gear, etc...

Excellent Bag  
Kevin Powley, July, 2023

Excellent travel bag. Very nicely padded and much lighter than my old hard shelled case.

Best Bag  
Rich Anderson, June, 2023

I recently had to replace my old Club Glove travel bag which was roughly 20 years old. I bought a non-Club Glove travel bag and it was destroyed during its first and final trip by air. Having learned my lesson, I bought a new Club Glove bag and I could not be happier. The color options are unmatched, the embroidered personalization is perfect, and the delivery time was unbelievably quick. I will never make the mistake of buying another brand and I look forward to using my new Club Glove travel bag for many years to come.

Best Travel Bag  
Ian, May, 2023

Does everything a travel bag should and very high quality. Plenty of room for clubs, two pairs of shoes, and plenty of room left over for whatever won’t fit in your other suitcase.

Seans travel bag  
James D McMahan, May, 2023

Ive used the last golf travel bag for heavy travel for many years. I also use your luggage. this bag is my sons first

As advertised and MORE  
Michael , May, 2023

You can get on Google and research the HELL out of carry bags, and if you're serious about protecting your sticks, you should be doing that. If you're a halfway serious golfer, you've had yourself fitted, and you've taken the time to get the equipment you think is best for you. A top to bottom fitted set will easily be over $1000, and probably closer to $3K. So why would you trust that investment to what amounts to a flimsy condom being tossed around by baggage handlers who make it an art form to see how far they can sling things ? When you finish encasing your prized sticks into this cover, it will be mummified, and secure. TSA can still poke their noses inside, but only a fool will try and pull an illegal stunt that way. Today's woods have adjustable hosels, so with your trusty wrench you can remove the heads and store them in your bag, even though the Stiff Arm that comes with the bag is a baaaad dude helping to keep them from getting smashed on. The bag itself is stouter than ANYTHING on the market, and wraps up mega tight. You can easily put 30 plus pounds of gear to include your sticks/bag, and you can steer it around with ease. The protector on the back deflects off steps/curbs with ease, water runs off it better than a duck's back, and even if ten other people have your same style bag and color, the monogrammed cursive stitching eliminates wondering which one is yours. It is truly the LAST carry bag you'll need unless it gets stolen.

CG Last Bag Lg. Pro  
Mike Tapfer, April, 2023

I bought the Large Pro to replace a cheaper bag I only had used twice. The zipper broke a week before we were to head to Hawaii. CG got me my bag, (embroidered!) and delivered in time for the trip. GREAT bag! No issues. I’m glad I didn’t go cheap this time and went for the best. I’m 67 and travel a fair amount with my clubs, and I see this bag being passed down to my son or grandson when I’m gone. Thanks CG!

Sandman, April, 2023

Several golf trips have proven that this bag is solid all around. Heavy duty exterior, zipper and padded top protect your expensive set of clubs. All around just what I was looking for. Also nice side pocket storage as well.

Best carry on bag ever  
Kevin, April, 2023

Easily the best carry on bag ever! I travel 3-4 night a week and this is the perfect bag. Plenty room to fit all the clothes you need

The best bag I`ll ever own  
Sam Sisler, March, 2023

I'm a road warrior, often traveling 50+ weeks a year for business and personal jaunts. I've owned my Club Glove carry-on for over 10 years and it still functions as well as the day I purchased it. My wife noticed how my bag glided with ease through airport terminals and commented that she might like to have one of her own. Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I purchased her bright red, Carry-On III for Valentine's Day with a custom monogram. She's already giving it a workout joining be for this week's adventure in Cabo.

Great travel bag  
David Edwards, March, 2023

This is the best travel bag I’ve used. My old one was a bit small.

Last Bag Large Pro  
Patrick Hartough, March, 2023

Great travel bag. Get the Stiff Arm with it if you value your 3 wood and Driver. Nothing can protect them against terrible luggage handlers.

Carry on Luggage  
Michael Allcorn, March, 2023

First off, Club Glove products are first class all the way. About 6 months ago I bought my second Club Glove 'Last Bag' for traveling with my golf clubs. My first one I bought in 1998 and it was starting to look tired and worn so I gave it to one of my sons. Around 2016 for a 10 day Alaskan Cruise, I bought the XL Duffle. Then on to the TRS Ballistic 'Check in' size, then two more of those for Christmas presents for my grown sons which led to their wives wanting one so two more... Then, my wife a TRS Ballistic XL and then another 'Check in' size. Recently my wife decided she needed a small size for overnight or carry on. This time I bought her the Carry on III which is not a TRS Ballistic but they look almost identical. Since it is for carry on I didn't see the need to spend extra money where baggage handlers could potentially destroy it. I have purchased many versions for myself and my family and so far none have come even close to wearing out and they all get asked about where they got their luggage all the time. Again, first class products!

Last bag pro  
Bob Danielson, March, 2023

Just got back from my first trip using travel bag pro. Everything was just as advertised. Great product! No complaints.

Last Bag Large Pro  
Jim Barnebee, February, 2023

I recently brought the Last Bag Large Pro down to Florida. I was able to fit my bag w/clubs, golf shoes, two boxes of balls, tennis shoes, a windbreaker, and golf vest without any problems using the outside pockets as well. It came back looking as good as when I dropped it off and was easy to roll through the airport. I would highly recommend this bag.

Fantastic Golf Travel Bag  
Glendon Smith, February, 2023

Best golf travel bag I’ve ever owned. Heavy duty material. Different color options make it easy to pick out at the airport. Also bought the carry-on duffle bag. The train system works really well and makes it easy getting in and out of airports. Highly recommend!

Travel Bag   
Scott , February, 2023

Great quality, tons of room for all your stuff

Golf Travel Bag  
Wayne Smith, February, 2023

Best golf travel bag on the market ! Easy to pack and transport - I have never had any damage to my golf clubs when using this product. Highly recommend the Club Glove product - this is the second one that I have purchased.

Last Bag Large Pro  
Harry Irle, February, 2023

Just got home from Orlando golf trip and the bag works great.Clubs are in excellent shape and the club glove bag is too! Plenty of room for shoes and clothes. The order was filled quickly and the embroidery was done nicely. Highly recommended!

Best Travel Bag on the Market  
Rick, January, 2023

We have purchased two Club Glove travel bags and they perform great. They have plenty of room and do a great job of protecting our clubs.

last bag large Pro  
Dennis Simon, January, 2023

Quality is excellent. Heavy duty and a lot of room

Eleanor Shih, January, 2023

We bought 2 new Club Glove golf bags this year, to replace the one we bought 12 years ago. Nothing is wrong with the old Club Glove. We bought the smaller bag back then, not expecting it to last this long! Spending a little more is worth it knowing that they last and they'll hold more gear and stuff. We ordered colors that would stand out and had them monogrammed. They were really special looking in the sea of golf bags at baggage claim! Our order, placed after Thanskgiving, was processed and delivered within 10 days.

Club Glove Travel Bag  
Rob, January, 2023

Great high quality bag that is durable and very sleek. Doesn’t break like typical travel bags. The staff is great and helpful as well.

Great Product worth the money  
John Warlikowski , January, 2023

The bag is very well built with high quality materials. I bought the first bag for my wife and once I received it I immediately ordered another for myself I only fly once or twice a year and I am sure this will be the “Last” bag I will ever need

Carry-On III  
Michael Clinton, January, 2023

Purchased carry on bag to match my Large Pro golf bag. The design, wheels and zippers are of the highest quality and connecting system is also a huge plus. Best made travel luggage I have used. Having custom monograming is also a big plus!

ANN ROSE, January, 2023

I have enjoyed Club Glove luggage for several years now. My son-in-law was seeking new luggage & I gave him the shoulder Bag 11 as a birthday gift. He is CEO of Hawkeye, a small business doing business with the government. HE LOVES IT!!!!

Antonio B Cervone, December, 2022

Fits perfectly with rest of set and a perfect size

The Best Bag  
Tim Bell, December, 2022

It's as advertised - great travel bag

excellent travel bag  
Julien Grant, November, 2022

Love the bag - perfect for travel!

mark gaillard, November, 2022

you can't fake quality. Club Glove items are beyond compare with respect to quality.

Travel Bag  
Rick Norman, November, 2022

This bag is sturdy and made from quality material. The uniqueness of the colors makes it easy to find at the airport. Best bag to to travel with your clubs with room for other accessories.

Great golf travel bag  
Randy Brodeur, October, 2022

Fast and accurate delivery. They called me to confirm that the embroidery was correct, since it was slightly different from the name on my credit card. This is a high quality bag. I`ve used it twice and it was easy to travel with and properly protected my bag. I would definitely recommend and will be buying one for my wife.

Michael Anthony Schillaci, October, 2022

These bags are made from quality material. Love the color schemes and the functionality. I have 2 bags and golf clubs and I can pull them through the airport effortlessly. I still need 1 more bag for my wife and am not so patiently waiting for them to be back in stock.

Great bag for travel  
Martin Harris, August, 2022

Great looking bag. With the two colors it is easy to spot on the baggage carousel. This is my second bag. Replaced one that was approximately 10 years old with many many miles on it. On a recent trip my previous bag was obviously mishandled. The stiffie was bent and zipper teeth crushed together so it could not be unzipped. Imagine my joy when inspecting my clubs and found no damage to the items inside. Highly recommend these bags and stiffies.

great gift  
Jennifer Martin, July, 2022

I got this golf travel bag for my husband as a gift and he has absolutely loves it! One thing that is nice is that it looks different from all the other all black golf bags coming off the baggage claim belt! He loves the quality of it!

Club GloveLast Bag Large Pro  
Russ, July, 2022

Love the bag. Taken it on trips to Palm Springs and Cabo. It protects the clubs beautifully and the "stiff arm" that came with it gives me the calm assurance that my longer clubs won't be damaged when I get to the dream course I've spent months planning to visit. The extra room in the side pockets is MUCH APPRECIATED and I have used it to pack golf shoes and other gear that couldn't fit into my suitcases. This bag travels beautifully and I plan on using it many times a year for many years to come!

Large Pro Bag Only Way To Go  
2 Shot, July, 2022

I own several Duffle Bags and my Collegiate Travel bag has been compromised after an earlier trip this year However I passed down to nephews that can utilize it as I finally have the Large Pro Bag and LOVE it!! I`ve wanted to upgrade for years but old Collegiate reliable kept traveling over 10 years but the Large Pro is the only way to go with extra capacity and allows me to check in one free bag with my Airlines and I carry on with other Club Glove Duffel bags. So Happy with it and expect to last a long time!!

Love Luggage   
Larry, July, 2022

Great luggage. Works well connecting club glove golf travel bag.

Travel Golf Bag  
m j clinton, July, 2022

Received my bag and am extremely pleased with the quality and craftsmanship. i ordered the monogram and the color combination looks great. It worked out great on my first travel trip, held all my golf equipment with plenty of extra room. Highly recommend!

Best travel bag   
Greg Gniadek, July, 2022

I have had other travel bags over the past 50 years . All have worn out or had to be repaired. I have always wanted a club Glove and purchased the large pro bag. It has been to Phoenix and Tucson and Orlando so this was 6 plane trips. All is great and travels well. This is a pro bag with large space and great zippers. I got the all black with white script full name. This was a good choice. I love it. great wheels easy to roll. "The quality remains long after the price is forgotten " Treat yourself to the best.

Golf bag review  
Ronald Fisher III, June, 2022

Bag is good size and very sturdy. Definitely recommend.

Best Travel Bag   
Tom Matte, May, 2022

I have owned a Club Glove Bag for over 20 years and traveled over 500,000 miles. The bag is still going. Unfortunately a little dirty traveling that many miles, so I passed it down and got me a new one! Here is to 20 more years and a lot less miles! Lol

Golf Travel Bag  
Wesley K Cowan, April, 2022

This bag has gone on two long distance trips so far and I love it. Best travel bag I've ever had.

Great Travel Bag  
Dean Bennett, April, 2022

Great Club protection. Makes traveling thru the Airport a breeze. Excellent purchase. Shipping was great.

Good product  
Dave Terkoski, April, 2022

Great service, fast shipping and works great!

Perfect protection   
Peter Marks, April, 2022

You can't beat the protection the Club Glove Pro Bag gives your clubs. The bag is rugged and yet beautiful! I ordered my bag with the optional embroidery and received my bag three days later. I can't wait to order more Club Glove bags to go with the Club Glove Pro Bag.

travel golf bag  
William Campbell, April, 2022

No surprise here, this is far and away the best travel bag I have ever owned. Worth every penny. I have the Large Pro, and the stiff arm. It's the perfect size for my travel stand bag, shoes, and some clothing. I have had one for over a year and bought a second one for my wife to travel with her clubs. The first one has held up exceptionally well, with very little wear from 10-12 roundtrips. It just needs a bath! I bought both in red and the airlines have made them look dingy. I would suggest black or a dark color so that it doesn't show all of the grease and dirt the airlines get in it.

Travel bag  
Bill Adkins, April, 2022

Best travel bag ever!

Bill, March, 2022

Worked very well,traveled almost a week. There system works well

Great Luggage   
Larry , March, 2022

Love the club glove luggage.

Best Travel Bag  
Timothy Cooper, March, 2022

After 10 years of utilizing the Club Glove Collegiate I decided purchase the Last Bag Large Pro for longer trips that require more room. After 10 years and multiple trips the bag is in fantastic shape and will still be used on shorter trips. You cannot find a better travel bag.

Best Travel Bag  
Timothy Cooper, March, 2022

After 10 years of utilizing the Club Glove Collegiate I decided purchase the Last Bag Large Pro for longer trips that require more room. After 10 years and multiple trips the bag is in fantastic shape and will still be used on shorter trips. You cannot find a better travel bag.

Large Pro Bag  
Greg Mitchell, March, 2022

I have taken the bag on two trips and could nott be more happy with my purchase. Clubs and all contents arrived in one piece.

Best bag in the market  
Geoff Hunt, March, 2022

This is not uncommon news but this bag is the best travel bag in the business. I purchased my first one over 10 years ago and under the warranty Club Glove repaired a rivet for me at no cost. Because that bag was getting a little older and I could give it to a friend I decided to buy a new one so I would be set for another 10+ years! It`s very easy to maneuver around in airports with the wheels and there is so much extra room for clothes or golf gear that I rarely travel with another checked bag suitcase. High recommend!

Club Glove  
Andrew Scalia, February, 2022

Great bag, wheels and plenty of room, but outside straps do not stay tight.

Excellent Travel Bag  
Steven, February, 2022

I recently purchased the Club Glove Pro Travel Bag bc I was traveling for the first time with my new clubs. I was extremely nervous because I have heard horror stories with what airlines do to golf clubs whether they are lost or damaged. After investing a lot of money in a proper club fitting I did not want to have snapped or broken clubs I haven't even used yet. Whatever beating the clubs take during transport, the Club Glove Bag handles it all. My clubs arrived unharmed and the quality of the bag was exceptional. For the price you pay you'd expect good quality, but even I couldn't imagine how great the quality and size of the bag was. I went with the Large Pro and it leaves plenty of extra room with a Stand bag inside. It's buckled in on the inside which was great. And you can fill in the gaps with all your other golf gear. There are compartments on the outside but I chose to put my stuff on the inside so I could lock the zipper with a lock. The color options are great and I even inscribed my name and it came out great. When the bags come out of baggage claim, I knew instantly which was mine among the other standard golf bags. I think the price is a bargain for the quality and it's important to protect the value of what you're transporting. As much as I'd say I'd buy another one, I don't see me ever needing to replace this one. And having the wheels and strap allowed me to attach it to my carryon and move through the airport with ease. Highly recommend!

Great travel bag  
James , February, 2022

I have used my bag playing across the US and internationally. It has held up incredibly well over the years and have been very happy with the purchase.

Just as great a product as advertised.  
Mark, February, 2022

A great product, extremely well made, unbelievably durable. You can not only put your clubs and golf shoes into it, it will accommodate your golf clothes for your weeklong trip. I endorse it without reservations.

Best Travel Bag  
Peter, February, 2022

Best golf travel bag that you could ever have. I got the Large Pro after having the Collegiate for years. Just needed more room as my golf bag continues to grow so that is why went bigger. Extremely durable, well padded so clubs are safe, plenty of room inside with a gold bag and nice storage with 2 external pockets. Highly recommend if in the market for a new travel bag, you will not be disappointed.

One and Done  
Darrin Woods, January, 2022

I wanted to buy one of these to use in my lifetime. I'm confident this will do the trick. Thanks Club Glove!

Travel Bag Club Glove  
Martin Adinolfi, January, 2022

I have had 3 previous travel bags ranging in price from $99.00 thru $227.00. This new Club Glove Travel Bag, with Stiff Arm is by far the best travel bag I have ever owned. Well worth the additional expense.

Quality Travel Bag  
Michael L, December, 2021

Outstanding travel bag. Arrived quickly and has already made its maiden voyage. This will be the last bag I purchase, indeed. Thanks Club Glove!

Worth every penny  
Rob, December, 2021

Best luggage Ive ever owned. Since I bought the first piece Ive bought 2 more. Now Im buying for my wife.

Repeat Customer  
Michael Goldstein, December, 2021

This is my 5th Club Glove bag i have purchased. Every time I travel it seems that my friends end up with my latest Last Bag because they realize their travel bag is junk. My best friend, son and wife all now have taken my prior bags. i have had many others over the years, both soft and hard, nothing compares to a Club Glove bag! they all stand up to time very well!

Best Travel Bag  
Doug Longfellow, December, 2021

Love my club in the business!

Carey om  
Dave, December, 2021

Great bag. Looking buy to XL

Upgrade for Two  
Jeff P., November, 2021

With my college-aged son getting into golf (and taking his first buddies golf trip) I thought it was time to introduce him to Club Glove and upgrade my situation all at the same time. So he got my Last Bag Collegiate - which was still in phenomenal shape after 10 years - and I got the extra room of the Last Bag Large Pro. Both of us came out winners - thanks Club Glove!

Very Happy  
Gary Gunning, November, 2021

My friends both had Club Gloves on a recent trip. I was struggling with my old hard case fitting a carry bag and 1 pair of shoes inside the case. Upon inspection in Missoula, the TSA agents could barely re-close the case. I ordered the Large Pro upon my return. I am very happy with the room now afforded for the carry bag, 2 pair of shoes and flip flops. On the return trip it also housed dirty clothes. It still had room for more items. The ability to add your name for a reasonable price was a nice touch. I would highly recommend.

Carry-on III  
Brent, November, 2021

Great product, best rolling bag I've had

Last Bag Large Pro  
David Brandom, November, 2021

This is the best travel bag I have ever used. The stiff arm is a great feature.

Quality Bag  
Scott Matthews, November, 2021

I just used my Last Bag Large Pro for the first time and it was great. Very high quality. I have a Sun Mountain 4.5 LS 14 Way bag and there was plenty of room for shoes, clothing, etc. Highly recommended!

Great travel bag  
Matt Miller, November, 2021

Very happy with my bag. Does a great job of protecting my sticks. Sitting on the plane I actually saw my bag fall out of a luggage cart onto the tarmac. No damage???? Also like that I can pack a lot besides my golf clubs in the bag. Really handy

Great bag  
Mickey Atkins, October, 2021

I owned this bag for several years and passed it down to my son in law and bought a new one. It has been very durable. I also own there luggage and like the ability to stuff them full. The Zippers are very strong and hold up very well.

Greg , October, 2021

Great nag but you never know what the airline might do to it so I purchased the NQA for peace of mind. Glad they stand behind what they make.

Great Purchase  
Mark Palamar, October, 2021

I have travelled twice now domestically with my new Last Bag Large Pro. It is a a very sturdy bag and it has lived up to my expectations. It is larger than the Last Bag Collegiate which I purchased for my wife's golf bag which allows more room for additional items as well for larger cart type bags like mine. Fully packed it comes in at approx. 43 lbs. which is below the 50 lbs. airline threshold. Overall a great purchase and I would highly recommend the product.

Last Bag Large Pro Is The Best Travel Bag In The Game  
Colin Nix, October, 2021

Simple put this is true best travel bag in the game hands down! Club Glove makes the best and is trusted by pros and amateurs alike. Customer service was superb and super fast shipping. You can also personalize your bag as well. I would highly recommend this the Last Bag Large Pro to anyone.

good design  
Gregory Stettler, September, 2021

I used this travel bag for first time and it performed great and held up nicely. Good design

Carry on   
Bill C., September, 2021

Received new bag and will be putting it to use for first time this weekend. Perfect size for a quick getaway and quality is top notch - just like golf travel bag which I’ve had for years. I opted for the monogram and it looks sharp. Plan on buying the mid size duffel next as well as a carry on for my wife. Packing modules added value.

The best travel bag  
Scott Schuemann, September, 2021

This is my 2nd Club Glove travel bag... used it on 100`s of flights and they have the best customer service and always willing to repair if any zipper or the airlines damage. Very durable and with the stiff arm... perfect to keep everything safe.

David L Mead, September, 2021

Worked perfectly with the travel golf bag. Easily pulled together through airport and hotel. Cant wait to get xl duffle

Carry on  
Dave, September, 2021

This product is great. Used with the golf travel bag and it was amazingly easy to pull through airport and hotel

Best carry-on  
Michael Cash, August, 2021

Everything about this bag, from construction, sturdiness, and design to the smoothness of the roll is superior to any other bag I have used. It also holds much more than you think. Just a great bag.

Golf bag  
Troy J, August, 2021

I ordered my Last Bag Large Pro in July and it took less than a week to get it. Some people recommended that I get a hard travel case, but then a friend recommended this bag. I’m so glad that I took his recommendation and got this one. I used it on my trip to Lake Tahoe in August and it worked great. It’s the perfect size and easy to get pull. I also like how I can fold it back up in the box for easy storage when not in use. I will definitely be recommending this bag to my family and friends.

Last Bag is the Best Bag  
Eric, August, 2021

This is the third Last Bag I`ve had over 15 years - I`ve used different sizes from time to time. Super durable and by far the best protection you can have for your clubs when you fly or if you ship your clubs. The large holds a ton of stuff. The stiff arm is a must and glad they now include it.

The Best Golf Travel Bag  
Cleveland Christophe, August, 2021

To say that this is the Last Bag is an understatement. I have had two Club Glove golf bags (large and small) for over a decade. The only reason I recently purchased a new one is that I gave my large bag to my son.

Love This Bag  
Ron F, July, 2021

My wife and I love this bag so much that we bought one for our son. Rolls smoothly and easily, is super sturdy, and looks and feels very stylish. And it feels great to be backed by a very great company in Club Glove.

Great Bag  
James Loftis, July, 2021

Great bag. Great construction. Will last a long time.

Sturdy and holds a ton  
Carl P, July, 2021

Got the Carry On III for my son going off to college. Wife and I have prior versions and had loved them and they have held up well. Beginning my son`s collection with this piece. Very sturdy, holds a ton and well worth the purchase price.

Excellent Travel Bag Stylish and Durable  
Jared Ison, June, 2021

I purchased the Last Bag Large Pro after searching all over the internet and asking friends about their experiences with travel bags. It seemed that no other bag held up well to much travel, so I ultimately decided that it was worth the extra money to buy the Last Bag. After my first trip, I can safely say that it was worth the money for the peace of mind. The bag rolled well in the airport and held up against the rigors of airline travel. It also stows away in the closet or under the bed quite well. My 14 club divided stand bag fits well in the Large Pro with plenty of room for shoes, raingear, etc. I honestly could probably have gotten the Collegiate, but I like knowing that there is enough room for additional supplies that might be needed in the future. Overall, I am very pleased with the product and have already recommended it to friends and family.

Great Bag with Fast Turnaround  
Robert Morin, June, 2021

Ordered this bag for my son for his trip to the PGA at Kiawah. Ordered on weekend and was shipped out on Tuesday with his full name embroidered. When he arrived at CHS he was surprised to see the number of Club Glove bags. Loved the extra room in the Last Bag even though he has a cart bag. He loved how secure his clubs felt. Will be replacing mine shortly.

The Best Travel Bag  
Wade Collins, June, 2021

Used my last bag for 7 years of heavy travel. Would still be using using it today but the grease and grime from the airlines was too much. It was still totally functional, no rips and all zippers still worked perfectly. Would never order any other bag for travel.

Rob, June, 2021

Best bag ever. Strong, easy to use, clubs stay safe. Bam

Best bag out there  
Chuck Dinunzio, June, 2021

Best golf bag I've owned. Sturdy and had plenty of room for additional items like golf shoes, jackets balls. In addition, the "stiff arm" is an added bonus.

First time Club Glove customer  
Jonathan, June, 2021

I was recommended to Club Glove last year and became a first time Club Glove customer. I Have was extremely pleased with the ordering process and quick turnaround, but couldn't be happier with the products. I now have a Rolling Duffle III, Last Bag Collegiate (amazing how spacious) and multiple accessories (clothing organizers, travel kit, etc.). The ability to tow in-line the multiple bags thru the airport with ease has made me a believer. Great products that really work.

Awesome travel bag  
Christopher Lafond, May, 2021

Best golf travel bag I have owned. Very high quality materials and durable. Could not be happier.

Amazing Bag  
Shari Stellhorn, May, 2021

This bag is perfect for me! Lots of golf travel this summer via airports, finally, and this is so easy to bring my own clubs!!! Thank you!

The best or nothing  
Matthew Erley, May, 2021

I`ve been wanting to buy a club glove bag for a long time and recently made the purchase. I`m so happy with this bag. It`s by far the best golf travel bag. Why buy anything else? Are you crazy?!!!

Last Bag  
Troy Koehn, April, 2021

We have purchased 2 “Last Bag??? travel bags and have been extremely pleased with each of them. Each time they have been used, our clubs have been protected from the airport baggage maulers and have arrived in perfect condition. The bags are durable and have heavy duty zippers that have not separated or broken. The second bag we ordered was for a spur of the moment trip so we called to see if we could get it before we left. Customer service was extremely kind and answered our questions and we received the bag in plenty of time. In short, if you are traveling with your clubs, do them a favor and buy the Last Bag. Your clubs will thank you for it.

Par Excellence  
Dave, April, 2021

Yes, this carry-on is better than any other carry-on I have used. Solid construction, fluid transport, and easy to maneuver.

Great Travel Bag  
Michelle G, April, 2021

Finally decided to buy this bag and so glad I did. Lightweight and easy to pull through the airport.

Very pleased so far  
Bob Perry, April, 2021

I took my on it's first trip last month and I was very pleased. Solid, heavy duty yet very light. I was able to pack my full bag and the entire unit was very light and easy to wheel around. While all of the luggage came thru the belt wet, my clubs and contents of the bag were all dry! It has only been one trip, but I am already satisfied with my decision to upgrade to this travel bag.

Best bag you can buy  
Sean, April, 2021

First, customer service is phenomenal. I ordered the bag with a monogram and it shipped same day. Stiff arm that came with my bag was broken. Emailed club glove and had a new one 2 days later. Used on two trips already still looks brand new. Everyone at baggage claim is jealous

Easy to use  
Samir Rao, March, 2021

I just got this bag and used it for the first time and was very happy with the experience. Ordering was easy, the bag came in a couple days, it was easy to travel with, and my clubs experienced no damage.

Last bag large pro  
DIANE MERRITT, March, 2021

This was purchased as a gift. He loved it and is looking forward to traveling with it soon.

great travel bag  
eugene goetz, March, 2021

Top quality material and easy customization

Love the Bag  
Adam Aaronson, March, 2021

This is my 2nd Club Glove Travel Bag - not because it wore out, but because I just wanted a new color. These bags are near indestructible. None better!

Best. Bag. Ever.   
Aaron, March, 2021

Outstanding product. Full protection. Peace of mind. Efficient use of space. Hoping one day they allow for more customizable colors and that they start making ski bags too!

Carry-On III  
Daniel Deters, March, 2021

This thing is a tank. Just as well made as my golf travel bag. Fits easily in most overhead compartments but will not in the smallest of planes. I like it so much I quit checking my bag.

Top Notch Equipment  
Jon Michael Haase, March, 2021

If you are insistent on excellent performance in all your gear, the Club Glove Large Pro bag is your only choice. Outstanding construction is merged with generous holding volume. I have had travel bags from 4 different companies and Club Glove puts the others to shame. Look no further, buy this product and satisfy your travel needs for a decade or longer!

Great bag  
Paul B, February, 2021

Sturdy, rugged canvas bag with solid wheels, zippers and fasteners that feels like it will last a good long time. Can’t wait to hop a flight and put some miles on it!

For over 10 years still going strong  
Robert Wingerter, February, 2021

Received this as a gift in 2009 with name embroidered - PS: name highly recommended, never a mixup at baggage claim. This bag has worked flawlessly for countless trips, international trips, borrowed multiple times by wife, children, and close friends. Never a broken club, broken zipper, or even a clip. However, last month my bag got caught up in the baggage machinery (which shut it down temporarily - it`s that tough!), and the stitching was torn out at the top corner. Even then no damage to my clubs and my seamstress was able to fix the damage for $28. I am writing this review because I`m in the processing of throwing away my wife`s cheaper bag that lasted less than 5yrs and buying her a Last Bag. We bought her a cheaper travel bag because, in her words, her "clubs weren`t worth spending that much on a travel bag." But if I have to buy a new travel bag every 5 years, what am I saving??

Quality Bag  
Jared, February, 2021

Borrowed my brother’s bag for a FL trip and loved it so much I had to buy my own. Quality craftsmanship and great customer service.

Bag is Legit  
Matt M, January, 2021

Ok I finally have the Golf Bag I have been searching for. This bag is legit. It is very well constructed with reinforcement in all the right areas where my previous golf bag had failed. Was worth the extra coin I spent to get this kind of quality. I purchased the Camo designed bag and love it. Also, the fact that they gave me a 30 dollar stiff arm with my purchase was icing on the cake!!

Exceeded expectations   
Devin, January, 2021

Club Glove came recommended to me by friends and colleagues so my expectations were high. When the bag arrived my expectations were still exceeded! The quality, look, and personalized script made this bag tick every box. Highly recommend to anyone who travels.

C8 Vette Carry ON III  
Jeff Johnson, December, 2020

This bag fits perfectly in the frunk. Love the cover and Corvette emblem. The down side is that the exterior pockets are small and tight, you can't put anything in them other than some pieces of paper.

Awesome Travel Bag  
Carol, December, 2020

This bag is so well padded and has the very highest quality materials of any bag I’ve ever seen! Yes it has good amounts of pockets and storage but the quality is what sets this bag apart from others. I’m VERY pleased!

Carry On III  
JL, November, 2020

This is my second CG carry on. Great stuff.

Best of the Best  
BGRemund, October, 2020

The best bag you can own! Don’t waste your time with other - these guys have nailed it. I have owned a couple bags and have traveled with them around the world - awesome functionality and cool styling. Buying another for a friend gift! Would highly recommend.

Dinesh Kumar, September, 2020

Good Product

Protection Assured   
Brian Hoepker, September, 2020

Just got new clubs and wanted protection for them. That’s what I got with this bag. I have a all black large club glove bag. 14 clubs G710, golf shoes, 2 extra dozen balls, the stiff arm, head covers for all 14 clubs, and my loafers to wear to the course 47 pounds. 4 flights so far and nothing worn or wrong with my clubs or the bag. Highly recommend if you want a strong bag that rolls really well in the airport over curbs and into the truck or SUV.

Protection Assured   
Brian Hoepker, September, 2020

Just got new clubs and wanted protection for them. That’s what I got with this bag. I have a all black large club glove bag. 14 clubs G710, golf shoes, 2 extra dozen balls, the stiff arm, head covers for all 14 clubs, and my loafers to wear to the course 47 pounds. 4 flights so far and nothing worn or wrong with my clubs or the bag. Highly recommend if you want a strong bag that rolls really well in the airport over curbs and into the truck or SUV.

Great product  
Mark beanblossom, September, 2020

Have carried this for 10 years or more and it is absolutely the best luggage ever! Only suggestion would be to consider a 4 wheel model in the future.

trs ballistic  
william chambers, September, 2020

Best luggage made.

Last Bag Large Pro  
Matt, September, 2020

Needed a bag to get my clubs safely on my flight. This bag delivered as promised. It is durable and well constructed. The stiff arm definitely helped protect my clubs. I was able to ship my golf shoes and a couple of boxes of golf balls in there as well. There was plenty of room even with my oversized Ping bag. Easily rolled thru airport. I had the embroidery added and it looks great. Would highly Recommend this bag to any traveler taking their clubs.

Outstanding Travel Bag  
Joe Adduci, August, 2020

This is my second Club Glove as I gave my first one to my son. I couldn’t be happier with the room in the Last bag Large Pro. Plenty of room for clubs, shoes and extra gear if needed. It rolls effortlessly and has the padding you want to protect your clubs. The included stiff arm is a great addition adding extra protection. I wouldn’t order any other travel bag. There is a reason it is #1 with on the PGA tour.

Outstanding Travel Bag  
Joe Adduci, August, 2020

This is my second Club Glove as I gave my first one to my son. I couldn’t be happier with the room in the Last bag Large Pro. Plenty of room for clubs, shoes and extra gear if needed. It rolls effortlessly and has the padding you want to protect your clubs. The included stiff arm is a great addition adding extra protection. I wouldn’t order any other travel bag. There is a reason it is #1 with on the PGA tour.

Truly the best  
Bernard Smith, July, 2020

Wouldn't buy any other...this is truly the best travel bag on the market. Safely carries clubs, golf accessories and lots of other luggage too!

Last Bag Large Pro  
Jon Osborne, July, 2020

Great bag! I own 2 and am very pleased with the quality and customer service

Great bag  
Robert Lubanski, July, 2020

Have had a club glove for many years and have taken my clubs in it all over the world. Unfortunately on my last trip my driver head cracked. Together with that and the fact my out of town son needed a golf travel bag I decided to pass the old one on to him and look at the new models. The stiff arm is great and will save my driver head in the future. Monogram was flawless and arrived on time. One issue was a part of the stiff arm was missing, but company immediately mailed a new one out to me. Their customer service is outstanding and they do stand behind their products. I had a seam give way a few years ago on my 12 yr old bag at the time and they repaired it without any questions. I highly recommend club glove. Get it monogrammed and pick a unique color so you don’t get mixed up at baggage claim because all serious golfers use these bags.

Perfectly Balanced  
Frank M., June, 2020

Used the Carry On III with the Back Pack for everything except the clubs for a full week golf trip. The balance on this carry on is perfect when rolling from place to place so that even when fully loaded it feels light as a feather to move!!

Simply the best  
Jeff Fearn, May, 2020

I bought the Last Bag Large Pro. I have a slightly larger Ping golf bag, not "Tour Bag" large, but bigger than my old Sun Mountain cart bag. My new bag would not fit in my old Club Glove travel bag. I emailed Club Glove to ask which one I should buy to ensure it fit properly. They promptly responded AND gave me a 20% discount coupon! It arrived quickly and it was absolutely the correct size. It also came with a free "Stiff Arm" for added protection. You cannot beat the quality of Club Glove products. Completely satisfied. Why would you trust your clubs to anything else?

Golf Travel Bag  
Ruben Garcia, April, 2020

I have purchased two of Golf Travel Bags from Club Glove and have been extremely satisfied with their performance. Incredible quality and very functional. I would highly recommend these items and will certainly purchase additional items as needed.

Perfect for the road warrior  
Infoman, April, 2020

This bag has been with me for 9 years. I estimate 400 trips total. (seriously every week for 9 years). It finally sustained cosmetic damage with a couple rivets and snaps being torn off but, wheels still roll, straps still work. In the same time, I have been through 4 pieces of high end luggage, 1TP, 1 Tum, 2 B&R. If you travel enough you know that the airlines will eventually tear up anything. This thing has been indestructible. I believe it could last for another 9 years. I bought a stiff arm when I first purchased it. A must have for this bag, TSA will lower it occasionally which really irritates me, but that's another story. I see hard covers come out of oversize luggage or down the belt, half open with latches torn off, container ruined with clubs everywhere. The club glove is the best you can buy to secure your clubs for travel. Who needs ship sticks when you can take them with you in this bag. Really considering buying the travel luggage after my next suitcase gets destroyed. If you travel less than 20 times a year this thing will probably be passed down to your grandkids. If they don't have transporters by then! Also, you can take stiff arm out if you get a smaller rental car and bag will still fit. You can even take clubs completely out and fold the top down if needed. Takes up very little room in trunk this way. Personably I like the black as all luggage will eventually be black if you check it! Also, get the XL the extra room is invaluable.

Best bag ever  
Bruce, April, 2020

I love my new travel bag. It’s strong, durable and has plenty of room for extra gear. I’ve had others and this is by far the best. The stiff arm adds a level of comfort knowing my clubs will be protected. Oh, did I mention that it looks GREAT! It also comes in a variety of colors. Highly recommend this bag.

Kevin, April, 2020

This is by far the best made luggage/golf travel bag in existence. This is built for lots of use and a lifetime of it at that !

Outstanding Travel Bag  
Mark Conley, March, 2020

The Carry On III is by far the highest quality piece of luggage I've ever had. As soon as you open the box you can see the quality of every component on the bag. Made in the can't beat that either. I highly recommend this to any seasoned traveler who wants to keep a bag for quite a few years rather than replace one every year.

Best luggage   
Berry Edwards , March, 2020

Last set of luggage I purchased held up for 18 years (it was top of the line back then) after over 42 overseas plus 100+ domestic airline trips and untold numbers or car trips, it has finally bitten the dust. I doubted I would ever find as good a replacement. After much research and consulting with seasoned travelers, I ordered a complete set of Club Glove luggage and I can’t tell you how pleased I have been since it arrived. Very high quality construction, very high quality materials and I think they have thought through every potential problem in their design. I am just getting started on putting it through the paces or travel but I am confident that it will outlast my last luggage and still be going strong.. great design and first quality construction.

Skip the script   
Joseph Ante, March, 2020

Great looking bag. Expect it to last many trips. Disappointed that I didn’t pay better attention to the script embroidering. The script “n??? is very hard to tell apart from the script “u???. See attached photo. My wife asked me who’s Aute? hahaha.

Great Bag Trim  
Bill, February, 2020

Bought the last bag large pro to replace an off-brand imitator that was suffering from zipper pull failure. Couldn't be happier it for my bag perfectly was trim and easy to pull easy to fit in the rental car. Clubs arrived safe. Great Bag

Large Pro Golf Bag  
David, February, 2020

VERY nice bag. I could not be happier. I've used the bag on 2 golf trips now and it's just so convenient. Easy to handle, looks sharp and I can fit a ton of gear in the bag. With the amount of money I have invested in my clubs this purchase was a no brainer. I am looking at getting the carry on luggage right now in fact.

Will, February, 2020

Purchased the Large Pro and have been very happy indeed. Already been well used and thanks to the airlines, it looks like it has been thrown around a lot however, I can certainly say I am impressed by its durability and am very happy I will not be investing in a new travel bag any time soon.

Golf bag   
docherrmann, February, 2020

No question the nest on the market. Holds up well to airline abuse and w stiff arm driver is safe looks great, wheels are good. The last bag I will need

Top Notch   
Tom Pip, January, 2020

Received a carry on bag as a gift and bought the golf bag to match ! Couldn’t be happier with my purchase! Well made and stylish.

Paul, January, 2020

Perfect as the extra bag on a flight. Carries all paper documents and has side for electronics

Well Made Luggage  
Johnny King, January, 2020

The Carry -On lll is a well made , sturdy piece of luggage. It is solid in every aspect, wheels, handle, zippers, over all material. I have used it several times and is compliant with the airlines carry on size. I am confident it is going to last me a long time. I already own the Golf Last Bag Collegiate size , it is built the same way. Planning to purchase the XL Duffle bag soon.

Awesome ClubGlove  
RB, January, 2020

I have always used Club Glove for my carry bag but found I needed a larger version for my cart bag. I love the wonderful color combinations as opposed to black on black. My new Large Pro Club Glove is awesome!

Excellent golf travel bag  
Ken, January, 2020

I have used the large pro bag for two trips. This bag is plenty big for clubs, shoes with room to spare. With the stiff arm, I did not have to remove the driver head for the trips. Rolling operation is smooth and the materials are solid. Highly recommend this travel bag.

Multiple Purchases  
Michael, January, 2020

I recently purchased three Last Bag Large Pro Bags as gifts. This is my fourth purchase from Club Glove and the quality of the products never disappoints

Excellent Golf Bag  
Randy, October, 2019

I recently purchased the Club Glove Last Bag (Large) Pro and could not be more satisfied. I have already taken the bags on three different trips and could not be more pleased. The construction of the bag and the quality of the material make it superior to any other bags on the market. Well worth the cost.

golf father  
frank Jones, October, 2019

If you demand the best, then get the best from Club Glove. I got the Pro traveling golf bag and duffel bag III in the same color with my name written on the side, So it can't be missed at the airport. Getting ready to buy more of this great product. Frank R. Jones

Everything You Need  
twiggy, October, 2019

Purchased this for a buddies trip having seen the Ogio ones my friends have start to show a lot of wear after only two trips. This bag is perfect size - fit full bag of clubs, shoes, and two days of golf outfits easily. Could've put way more in but this kept it under weight for checked baggage on a flight. Couldn't recommend enough

Awesome Travel Bag  
John B, October, 2019

I recently purchased the Last Bag Large Pro to replace my smaller club glove bag. I couldn't be more pleased at the construction of the bag! Most importantly, the extra size allows me to pack 2 pairs of shoes on the outside pockets and still have plenty of space for rain gear, balls, etc...

Best travel bag ever  
Dave, September, 2019

This is the second Club Glove bag I have owned. They are fantastic! I gave my collegiate bag to my son and purchased the larger bag. I have been so many places with this bag and it works perfectly and I highly recommend it.

Great fabric and weight  
Peggy, September, 2019

Very sturdy, well-made luggage. No need to worry about it breaking on a trip. Easy to pick up and handle for over head bins.

looks solid  
Kase, September, 2019

I believe the best feature of this bag is the hard plastic bottom that will help get this bag over steps and protect the bottom of the bag. Materials seem first class, but I am disappointed that they went away from having the shoe storage inside as they did in the past to outside pockets that can't be locked. Also, the zippers don't have the loops that make it easy to lock them together. there are some straps on the inside to tighten the golf bag to the inside, but two of the outside straps do not have the ability to be cinched down at all, which I feel is a design flaw. overall I'm happy with the bag, and feel it will protect my clubs well, and will hopefully last a long while.

Steve, September, 2019

Gave as a gift with name embroidered for golf team travel bag. They really liked it ????

almost great  
Paul, September, 2019

So having received my Last Bag Large Pro it looks great, sturdy and well built BUT there is no way to secure the side zip pockets for travel. If they had 2 zip heads you could lock them together, or something at the top to lock to once closed.

1 comments are on this review
Club Glove commented on Sep, 5 2019 - Hi Paul. Thank you for your review. We are happy you love your Last Bag Large Pro. We used to have locking zippers on the shoe pockets, but TSA was breaking them open on inspections so we eliminated them. Please reach out to us at if you have any further questions or concerns. Our Customers' satisfaction is our highest priority. Thanks for choosing Club Glove!

Great Bag  
skye, July, 2019

Excellent quality. I am updating all of my luggage to club glove now.

Great Bag  
Richard, July, 2019

This is the best bag I have used in my 20 years of business travel. Great packing system, easy roll and is a really solid bag.

Great Bag  
Scott, May, 2019

The bag has exceeded my expectations so far. I got the large and it’s plenty big, with quite a bit of room for extra storage. The bag looks and feels much more sturdy than any previous travel bag I’ve owned. Would highly recommend this product.

Jim, May, 2019

I have had several other golf travel bags, and some have worked well, but could not hold all the extra stuff. This bag has plenty of room for extra shoes and all the other accessories you my need. The TRS system makes traveling through the airport a breeze with everything pulling easily with one hand. I can now look forward to the travel part of our vacations.

Club Love  
Gunny, April, 2019

Greatest bag ever. Had soft side bag, before I had a hard case bag. Liked soft side best, and the Stiff Arm protects my clubs very well. Well done Club Glove!

Great Bag  
Steve, April, 2019

Bag is Great! Club Glove did it right again!

Great Bag  
Steve, April, 2019

Bag is Great! Club Glove did it right again!

Last Bag Large Pro  
Emoltz, April, 2019

Awesome bag. First time using it last week. Lots of room inside the bag. Rolls effortlessly. Just bought the Duffle III XL to go with it.

Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro  
Jason Oakley, April, 2019

I brought this bag for my wife; I have owned the smaller bag for years and its stood up to numerous baggage handling beatings. I customized the new bag with colored straps and her name it looks great and is easy to spot, the stiff arm is a great addition. Absolutely delighted with the quality and capacity of this bag!!!

2nd Go Around  
Nelstone, April, 2019

Just purchased two new Clubglove Last Bag Large Pro. One for my wife and one for me in red. I don’t ever recall seeing that color when picking up my golf bag at the airport. My last two travel bags were purchased thru Titleist in 2002 & 2004. Those bags logged 5-6 trip each to Ireland & Scotland, several trips to Hawaii, one to Spain, Italy, France, The Neatherlands and 15-20 trips in the USA. I have never had a broken Shaft. The new travel bags are a different improvement on my old ones.

Excellent Travel Bag  
Noah Hoffman, April, 2019

Recently switched to The Last Travel Bag from a hard sided case. Love the sturdy craftsmanship and extra space for gear, shoes, etc. Best travel bag in the market today!

Best Golf Travel Bag EVER  
Don Sevey, March, 2019

Excellent product made with fine craftsmanship. Easy to maneuver with other bags. Wide variety of color choices makes it easy to see on the luggage belt!!!!

Love my new luggage   
Ramuss, March, 2019

I recently purchased a Rolling Duffel III and a Travel Rx and took them on a two week trip and I absolutely love them. Fantastic materials and construction. These bags are exceptional! I also really like the clothing organizers that were included with the rolling duffel. I will defiantly purchase more of the clothing organizers as my wife likes them too. Customer for life.

Quality unmatched  
Terry Billings, March, 2019

Incredible quality...incredible value! Every detail is perfect and just as advertised. Truly...the last bag you'll buy!

Worth the price   
Scott Worrich, February, 2019

Always had a “cheap??? travel bag, upgraded to this one and it’s awesome. So sturdy and well made, seems like will last forever.

Awesome Product  
Todd, February, 2019

Excellent club bag! After the first couple of trips with the bag, I saw almost no impact to the bag. I can't say that about any other travel bag I've used in the past. The last travel bag I used, looked like it had been through a war, but the Club Glove looks unfazed and brand new.

Great Product  
LT, February, 2019

I was very impressed with the quality of the product and well it is put together. Have used mine now on several flights and it still looks brand new. Liked it so well I purchased one for son.

Great Purchase  
Billy, January, 2019

This is the complete travel bag. So much better than any other that I have used. Thanks

Easy carry on  
Kenny, January, 2019

This is my 4th piece. I love how they all work together making travel through an airport easier. The carry on fits in most planes and it holds a lot. Well designed and sturdy.

Best and Last Bag You Will Ever Have  
Kevin , November, 2018

I have had a couple of other travel bags in the past and they all broke down relatively quickly. This bag is the best. It protects your clubs better than any other bag and the bag is almost bullet proof. It is very well constructed. You will not be disappointed. Best travel bag on the market. I HIGHLY recommend!

Best travel bag on market  
Kyle, November, 2018

This travel bag is built to last. Looks great and the quality is outstanding.

great equipment  
Sandy, October, 2018

After years of traveling with other golf travel bags, I broke down and got a Club Glove. Worth every dollar it costs, I feel so much more secure about my clubs arriving in one piece now, snug in the bag.

Carry on III  
Libby, October, 2018

My husband and I both have this bag and absolutely love it! We also have the medium duffles and golf bag but this is, by far, our favorite!! It is perfect for weekends! We’ve checked them on many flights and they hold up better than any bag we’ve ever had! Any chance you will be making this style in the next 2 larger sizes?? Definitely would purchase them!!

Best travel bag ever  
Patrick, October, 2018

I've used the collegiate (smaller) travel bag for years with no issues but recently upgraded to the large bag for an overseas trip. It easily accommodated my clubs, shoes, rain gear and several days' worth of clothes - great investment that will easily pay itself off over multiple years and many future golf trips.

No Issues  
Pete, October, 2018

I took my first golf trip last week using both the Last Bag Large Pro travel bag and the Stiff Arm. The clubs made the round trip with no issues. The Last Bag wheels around effortlessly in the airport.

The very best  
Paintman, August, 2018

This is my second last bag the first one traveled all over the world and if it was not for airports it would still be in great shape. I never worry about my clubs getting damaged the Last Bag has always protected them with NO damage. I also have the Club Glove luggage and would not trade it for any other luggage out there, keep up the great service and work.

Great Service on Club glove travel bag  
Mal Wilson, July, 2018

Club Glove is a great company to deal with they handled my order promptly and professionally. I will definitely use Club Glove again for for any of my luggage requirements.

Simply The Best  
Mike, July, 2018

Excellent golf travel bag! Extremely durable, strong zippers, plenty of room for shoes and additional clothing items. Easy to carry thru airport. If you want the best protection for your clubs when traveling, this is the bag for you.

The best carry on accessory  
Paul, June, 2018

Took on a recent photography trip. Had just purchased as could not find the perfect bag for my needs, Had my cameras and lenses as backpack carry on but needed to carry ipads and laptops for the photoshoot. Had laptops and ipads for my wife and me. Kept a number of batteries, cables and documents in the shoulder bag as well as documents for the trip. Between my backpack and the clubglove shoulder bag was able to move through airport security, plane and hotels easily. Best idea ever to get this should bag. Highly recommend and am now a multiple trip user. Looks good with my club glove golf carry, and our clubglove duffles. On the way to parking lot in van a couple asked where my wife and I got our luggage. They were very impressed with the look and quality of the build. Just keep adding to our collection with the shoulder bag the newest.

Gold Standard  
Matt Griesser, May, 2018

The Best Golf Travel Bags and Luggage you can get, period. I played FootJoy’s signature character “Sign Boy??? for 8 years and was fortunate to learn who makes the best gear in the golf industry. I used a Last Bag XL Pro Tour and a Club Glove Rolling Duffle for all my travels. Played in Iceland & GTMO Bay while shooting Peter Jacobsen: Plugged In on The Golf Channel. *Peter Jacobsen, PGA Tour Pro & NBC Golf announcer introduced me to the great Club Glove brand. He’s a loyal Last Bag XL Pro Tour player. After 20 years of great travels with Club Glove, I’m just now updating with a NEW Last Bag Large Pro in “Ron??? Burgundy *my own nickname*. BEST GOLF CLUB Bag & LUGGAGE you can buy. Highly recommend, no doubt

Best Golf Travel Bag  
Steve, May, 2018

After having my previous Club Glove travel bag for almost 20 years and traveling with it multiple times a year, it finally was time to get a new one. I used my new Large Pro bag for the first time last month and it was great. The clubs fit well, are well protected, and I like the larger size to be able to fit some extra clothes, shoes, etc. in the bag along with the clubs. I would definitely recommend this bag for others.

Nick Kocsis, April, 2018

I started out with the Last Bag almost 20 years ago, this bag has been all over the country and overseas too many times to count.That bag was just the beginning of a big collection.. I now have 8 different pieces, my favorite is the Carry-on III , airlines ,kids & even may grandkids have not been able to damage this luggage.This luggage is by far the BEST luggage ,the VALUE for the money that you can get.

Great Bag  
Mackenzie, March, 2018

This bag is great! Works well as a travel bag or a briefcase.

Shoulder Bag II review  
Rob Harris, February, 2018

I am very happy with my Shoulder Bag II. It was a nice addition to my Club Glove luggage collection. I just used it for the first time on an airline trip to Sedona, AZ. Super product!

All in the family  
K1, February, 2018

I purchased my last travel bag and rolling duffel almost 20 years ago. It has been to Hawaii several times, Ireland three and Scotland twice. My son stopped using my bag once he started playing college golf and received his own golf bag and rolling duffel. Recently I purchased my wife her own Club Glove bag, in her college's colors. She loves it and it performed great on a recent trip to Phoenix.

Great System  
Yycbarb, October, 2017

We purchased the golf travel bags, along with the stiff arms, rolling duffels, a shoulder bag and also received the clothes organizers. This whole system is amazing how easy it is to maneuver around while travelling. The train system is brilliant, easy to use and I had my 84 year old mother try it out with complete ease. We found the organizers were great for our trips that involve many stops along the way. Keeps things nicely organized and compact in the duffle. Highly recommend these items....and do to every golfer we know!

Great System  
Yycbarb, October, 2017

We purchased the golf travel bags, along with the stiff arms, rolling duffels, a shoulder bag and also received the clothes organizers. This whole system is amazing how easy it is to maneuver around while travelling. The train system is brilliant, easy to use and I had my 84 year old mother try it out with complete ease. We found the organizers were great for our trips that involve many stops along the way. Keeps things nicely organized and compact in the duffle. Highly recommend these items....and do to every golfer we know!

Solid almost too solid  
Dave Dickherber, October, 2017

Great performance but....... 1. It could be a hair lighter. For everyday travel it gets heavy fast 2. The external pockets are almost worthless for anything other than your next boarding pass as they are paper thin 3. There are times when fitting it into an overhead is challenging from a length perspective. All in all I am happy with this bag but like most things in life we can always do better.

John Weber, September, 2017

I bought my first ClubGlove golf bags for my wife and I. We simply loved the excellent and thoughtful design, I bought one for each of my board of directors and all of my direct reports. They were ALL thrilled.

Skee, March, 2017

I use my shoulder bag as a briefcase normally and as a secondary carry-on when traveling. I use it with all my Club Glove Luggage!

Anonymous, July, 2017

Hi Guys, I travel over 350000 miles a year, globally. I am genuinely impressed with the TRS range and agree with your statement that it is the new standard. Nobody in the world is using the kind of materials that I see on your products; the zipper, the fabric banding, the rivets, the wheel bearings etc. All of it is top end. I have luggage from many other premium producers, but your TRS line is unique. I have used your TRS luggage and it has stood up to some brutal punishment, admirably. The TRS system is just bliss to someone who travels as much as me.

Anonymous, July, 2017

I have owned a Club Glove Last Bag since 2006. I have taken it to golf destinations all over the US and the UK. I have never had an issue. Recently, I ordered two Rolling Duffle II XL bags for both myself and my wife. My wife's first reaction was; 'what is this and how am I supposed to get everything I need to bring with me into this thing?' Well, after our first trip to Florida, my wife wanted a second bag. We can both say that this is the finest luggage we have ever used. It is durable, attractive and rolls with ease. Yes, it's pricey, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. This is a worthwhile investment for anyone who travels. I am not just including travel for golf, but ANY travel. Easy to pack, easy to use and you breeze through the airport, even with a golf bag in tow. Thanks for providing such a great product.

Eric, July, 2017

I just got bacK from a golf "buddy trip.". Every time I travel, I get compliments on my Club Glive gear, and I travel with my Last Bag, CG Backpack, and a rolling duffle bag. I'm personally amazed that my CG gear is almost 20 years old and it looks great. I've never had a zipper break, a wheel stick, material fray or anything that shows of age. People hesitate to buy expensive products, but with CG you get what you pay for. This is my best advice when it comes to pulling out your wallet and buying Club Glove products;

Anonymous, May, 2017

I often carry a laptop, iPad, and paper documents on my business trips. The dual compartments keeps me organized and secure. I love the padded handle and shoulder strap, makes carrying a heavy bag easy. Would recommend to anyone.

D.Mott, March, 2017

Due to my great satisfaction with your Carry-On product, I feel compelled to provide some positive feedback. I get asked about my Carry-On regularly due to its unusual shape, and always rave about it. However I'm not sure if Club Glove USA realizes just how great this product is. The Club Glove Carry-On stands substantially taller than most carry-on luggage, and as such is perfectly suited for the tall traveler. As a 6'5"

Anonymous, August, 2016

I absolutely love the new Carry-On design. It is the greatest bag I have ever owned and I've been flying for the airlines as a pilot for over 20 years. Club Glove has achieved perfection!!!!

Anonymous, August, 2016

A little about the Club Glove Last Bag that I purchased shortly after it came out. I have averaged over 3 airplane trips/year using the bag since I bought it and it looks almost as good as new. The durability is second to none, as is the craftsmanship and quality, and I LOVE the fact that it is made in the USA. I wouldn't even consider doing any comparison shopping--just look at the condition of the bag, which has had hard use (commercial airlines) at least 50 times. Anyhow, this is the only travel bag I would consider buying.

Anonymous, August, 2016

I returned from a trip, unpacked my Club Glove Last Bag and found the black plastic head on top of the Stiff Arm broken off in four or five pieces. Damn those airlines! The good news is that my clubs are perfect. Thank you very much for making such great products! Thanks!!!

Anonymous, August, 2016

I've had Club Glove bags for our sticks for over 20 years and they have always been great. But this last trip amazed even me. We were in Cabo San Lucas for our vacation, unfortunately Hurricane Odile was there at the same time. We spent time at a shelter at Secrets Resort but the baggage was left in a separate part of the hotel that lost it?

Skee, January, 2016

This bag is the best breifcase I have ever had.

Scott, January, 2016

I have used my shoulder bag for the last 5 years and it still looks and functions like it was new. Sure there are a few scuff marks, but nothing to make use another bag.

M., January, 2016

The Last Bag truly lives up to it's name. After a year of use, the bag looks brand new. It's all I need for a weekend of golf with the additional clothing I can fit inside.

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