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Travel Bags

Stiff Arm®

Original, proven, and strongest club protector


Inexpensive Protection for Vertical Impacts

Heavily reduces risk of club breakage

Travel Bags

Stiff Arm®

Original, proven, and strongest club protector


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Eliminates nearly all risk of club breakage (U.S. Patent #5,738,208), (1.2 lbs) fully adjustable, 3-piece telescoping club protector fits all travel bags and adjusts to slightly longer than the longest club in the bag to protect clubs.

  • Durable nylon plastic head is non-chafing to travel bag fabric
  • Body constructed of lightweight aluminum
  • Precision-lock spring loaded adjustment pins
  • Soft cushion rubber bottom foot cap
  • Disassembles for ease of storage
  • Designed to absorb the full force of impact in severe travel conditions so that your clubs don't have to

This product is designed to minimize vertical impact damage to your valuable clubs while inside a Club Glove® travel bag. It is by no means indestructible. Each impact the Stiff Arm® absorbs will weaken its protective qualities. To maximize your club protection we recommend that you inspect your Stiff Arm® after each use and replace it as needed (The Stiff Arm® is a far less expensive replacement than a new driver). If your Stiff Arm® is damaged and your clubs are not, it has done its job.

This product is “disposable”, and is offered for sale “AS IS”. This means that the entire risk as to the quality and performance of the goods is with the buyer. Should the goods prove defective following their purchase, the buyer and not the manufacture, distributor, or retailer assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing or repair.

WEST COAST TRENDS, INC. SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATIONS THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL WEST COAST TRENDS, INC. BE RESPONSIBLE FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGE OR LOSS OF USE. Some states do not permit the exclusion or limitation of implied warranties and/or incidental or consequential damages, so this exclusion may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may have other legal rights that vary from state to state.

What others are saying about Stiff Arm®

26 reviews

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Very strong  
Erin, December, 2018

Great product, very sturdy!!

Must buy  
Travis Shaffer , November, 2018

You’re dumb if you don’t buy this. Cheap and keeps the driver/woods safe.

Great as gift for club protection during travel  
Jenni, October, 2018

I got this as a gift to go with the bag and it's so essential to have to protect your clubs. Super strong and my boyfriend loves it!

Cheap insurance  
Greg, October, 2018

After many trips with my clubs with no problems, the stiff arm came through and saved my driver when needed. The pole was bent beyond repair, but no damage to my clubs. Wouldn't travel without it, but it would be nice if you could replace the individual components instead of buying a whole new one.

A Must for Your Travel Bag  
Rick, October, 2018

My clubs don’t travel without a Stiff Arm in the bag to protect them. Thanks, Club Glove!

Stiff arm and other products  
CB, October, 2018

Everything they make is quality. The stiff arm is no exception. Great product. I own a lot of club glove bags - golf club bag, duffle bags, roll on, large duffel bag. My family of 5 can pack for a week and get all our stuff in the gear. PLUS... when bags come off the carousel at baggage claim, we can get our bags because they don’t look like everyone else’s bags due to the color combination I picked. They are just great bags.

Timothy, October, 2018

I own several club gloves and recently purchased a few extra stiff arms. The service I received was as good as I’ve ever seen. Of course the product is outstanding, as well. Thank you for being so accommodating and helpful.

Asian travel  
Tom, October, 2018

I live mostly in China and frequently travel with my clubs throughout Asia. I wouldn’t think of packing without the protection provided by this device. Never a problem yet!

Jimmy, October, 2018

Saved my driver! I’m a competitive amateur and have invested a good amount in my clubs. I recently got back from a golf trip and my stiff arm was bent severely but it saved my woods from being snapped! Best investment in my golf bag!

No Issues  
Pete, October, 2018

I took my first golf trip last week using both the Last Bag Large Pro travel bag and the Stiff Arm. The clubs made the round trip with no issues. The Last Bag wheels around effortlessly in the airport.

Mark, October, 2018

This product does exactly what it is intended to do. It is well constructed and easy to use. I expect it to last for many years.

Stiff Arm  
Riverwayman, September, 2018

I have used the product one time and it appears to have worked as advertised. No damage to my clubs or bad. Hopefully it will work just as well in the future.

It works.  
Gregg, July, 2018

Had one each in our Club Glove bags on recent trip to Scotland - witnessed some rough handling first hand, lol, and the Stiff Arm did its job!

Awesome Silent Auction Item  
Lori Roy, June, 2018

We provided a Travel Bag and Stiff Arm as a silent auction item to an industrial association that was raising money for Operation Homefront. This item was Popular!! Great item, Great cause.

Stiff Arm  
Steve G, April, 2018

Loved this product! It's much stronger than the previous brand I owned.

Nick, October, 2017

Awesome Product!

club glove review  
john p, October, 2017

I bought my first club glove and stiff arm for a trip to the UK. This equipment is well designed and well constructed. It is compact and very easy to handle. It is my opinion that these are outstanding products. I could not give them a higher recommendation.

Anonymous, July, 2017

I have used your travel bags for as long as I remember. But I wanted to share a story about another successful save by the Club Glove Stiff Arm. This is the second time my Stiff Arm has protected my clubs from being broken during airline travel. I flew to Scottsdale on Thursday. When I arrived and unpacked my clubs, I found the Stiff Arm bent at about a 30 degree angle. It was bent so bad I could hardly get it out of the bag. My clubs were fine, and the trip went off without a hitch. Upon arriving home I ordered 4 more from The Golf Warehouse for myself and my three golf buddies on the trip. Thanks, It could have made for a pretty miserable trip.

Anonymous, July, 2017

Thank you for the quick service delivering my Club Glove travel items. On arrival in Scotland I opened my club travel bag only to discover the Stiff Arm was broken, my clubs were safely intact. I extend a thousand thanks and appreciation to the design and manufacturing teams. Thanks to the Stiff Arm my first ever Scotland outing was played without a hitch.

Anonymous, July, 2017

Club Glove Stiff Arm saved my clubs. In preparation for a trip to Phoenix I purchased the Club Glove Stiff Arm for my travel bag. I flew from Pittsburgh to Phoenix on September 16, 2011. The attached photos are of the bent Stiff Arm that took the brunt of the airline abuse. Thanks Club Glove!

Anonymous, July, 2017

I have just learned a tough lesson that homemade can result in hard knocks, like the kind that decapitated my gorgeous ping driver, literally snapping it in two, a foot from the club head. I wasted no time in availing myself of the Stiff-Arm, a no-nonsense product produced by the good folks at Club Glove.

Anonymous, July, 2017

I was traveling a couple of weeks ago with my golf clubs. I had my Stiff Arm in the bag and wehn we arrived and I went to take my clubs out of the travel bag and the top portion of the Stiff Arm was bent at almost a 45 degree angle. Non of my clubs were damaged and neither was the bag. Great product, saved my new driver!

Anonymous, July, 2017

Just returned from a trip to Las Vegas, when I opened my travel bag this is what I found. Thankfully there was no damage to my clubs. I will never take my clubs without the Stiff Arm!

sarah, March, 2017

We arrived home to find the top of the stiff arm that broken from the shaft and we used the bag and stiff arm about 7 times for air travel

Anonymous, August, 2016

Baggage handlers at LAX are no match for the Stiff Arm! Despite violent treatment that broke the cap off the top of the protective pole, the clubs survived undamaged. I, however, got Stiff Armed during the ensuing ?

Anonymous, August, 2016

We just took a trip to AZ to play some golf and on our return, Delta Airlines lost both of our sets of golf clubs. They arrived today (next day) and wow! My wife's Stiff Arm in her bag is bent in two places! Clearly the airlines baggage handlers do not have the same love of golf as we do. But thanks to the Stiff Arm in her Club Glove Burst Proof with Wheels II, my wife's clubs are ready for more action. We will be singing the praises of these products to all my golfing friends from today on.

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We are so confident in the quality of this product (please see specs), that for an additional cost, we will honor a FIVE (5) YEAR "NO QUESTIONS ASKED" WARRANTY. In plain language, we will repair or replace the product for ANY damage that occurs during the NQA warranty period, regardless of cause, so long as you can return to us (at your cost) at least 51% of your product, regardless of condition.
Limited Lifetime Warranty
West Coast Trends, Inc. ("WCT") guarantees this product will be free from defects IN MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP DURING NORMAL TRAVEL USE for the product’s specified LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY period. If such a defect appears during the warranty period, WCT will repair or replace (at its option) the product without charge, except for transportation costs to the repair center.