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Cut Line: PGA Merchandise Show buzz and busts

Cut Line: PGA Merchandise Show buzz and busts

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Like a glove. Just when you thought it was time to stop trying to reinvent the wheel, Club Glove founder and CEO Jeff Herold flashes a bright smile and a knowing wink.

If Club Glove’s iconic golf bags and rolling duffel bags haven’t changed through the years, that’s by design.

“They’ve changed very little,” Herold told Cut Line. “It’s like the 737 (jet) - it hasn’t changed because they built it so well there’s not much they can do to improve on it.”

Herold, however, has plenty of room to expand. In 2006, Club Glove introduced the waffle-textured golf towels that have become a staple on the PGA Tour and beyond. According to Herold, in 2006 the company sold about 2,000 of the high-end towels, but that number jumped to more than 400,000 last year.

The next addition to the company’s lineup is the “Stiff Arm,” an adjustable aluminum pole that travelers can put in their golf bags to protect their clubs during transit (retail $29.95). It’s a must-have for anyone who has ever arrived at their destination with a two-piece driver.