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and are a must for forged irons. Soft and sleek leather-like feel and appearance, these are by far the most superior iron covers you will find. Compact and lightweight, they
easily fit into your pocket while hitting. Fits left or right
handed sets. Available in 3 colors.
9-piece set:
(4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, SW, XW)
Regular ICGR9 $39.99 Oversize ICGX9 $39.99
3-piece set: (LW, GW, XW) Regular I3GRW $16.99 Oversize I3GXW $16.99
3-piece set (2, 3, X) Regular I3GR2 $16.99
Oversize I3GX2 $16.99
Brushed Metal
Gloveskin® Premium Iron Covers
These iron covers will protect your
club head and hosel and maintain Red that new look many players desire
Gloveskin® Premium Putter Covers
The most popular putter covers in golf feature a neoprene leather-like feel that is soft and sleek. Innovative design allows for easy slide on/off and fit in your pocket while putting. Available in 3 colors and 6 styles.
H. XL Mallet putter style PCGXM $14.99
I. Large Mallet putter style PCGFM $13.99
J. Regular Mallet putter style PCGRM $10.99 K. 2-Ball Mallet putter style PCG2M $13.99 L. XL Blade putter PCGXB $10.99
M. Regular Blade putter PCGRB $10.99
Gloveskin Available in 3 colors
  All Covers are available in retail ready packaging.
Black Brushed Red Metal
K. L. M.

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