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West Coast Trends, Inc. Introduces
Whether it’s the Air Force Thunderbird team, a competitive aerobatic pilot, or an airline flight
crew, since 1999 Scheyden has been providing eyewear for pilots who demand the highest level
of quality obtainable. Find out why Scheyden has become General Aviation’s most popular
eyewear. All of our frames are designed for comfort, functionality, and provide a level of quality
that most eyewear manufacturers shy away from.
Need a unique gift for your member-guest or member-member tournament? We deliver a
product that will blow your members away and make you the hero while staying well within your
budget. Your members want the best. Your members want quality. You can be proud to introduce “Using Scheyden eyewear for our member guest tee gift was the hit of the tournament. Our
this elegant and striking product to your most discerning clients. Call us about our exceptional members and guests couldn’t figure out how they got so much bang for their buck. You have
pricing and a personal fitting. Take the first step towards making your event extraordinary.
to try them on to appreciate how good they really are.”
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- Rob Clark, PGA Pro The Ledges of Huntsville

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