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2 Train Reaction Devices
patent-pending luggage connection device
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This simple device weighs less than 3 ounces yet can easily connect and stabilize 100 lbs of luggage. Converts any two wheeled luggage pieces into a self-balancing, 4-wheeled luggage train that glides with just one hand. Compact, stows in luggage when not in use. Made in USA.

  • 17 3/8” L (44.2 cm) x 7 5/8” W (19.3 cm)
  • Nearly indestructible Type 6 Nylon ladder hook slips onto ladder rung to tightly secure luggage pieces together
  • Flexible and durable thermal plastic
  • 1-piece ladder construction fits through any luggage handle to connect trailing  luggage piece to leading luggage piece
  • Simple instructions tag included on device
  • Easily and effortlessly connects any two wheeled luggage pieces

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