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Testimonials - From our customers

At Club Glove, we are confident that our premium travel luggage, golf bags and golf accessories are among the finest in the world. Share your testimony – we love to hear from our customers.Please contact us to add your product testimonial.
TRS Ballistic Luggage

“These are the best bags, I think, in the business! These guys take good care of us and all the tour players”

- Wade Liles
Team TaylorMade Podcast, From the TaylorMade Truck

TRS Ballistic






Club Glove Licensed Products

“My Club Glove Corvette luggage is a winner. The look and proportions set them apart from everything else. The connection system for multiple pieces is simple and ingenious. I’m hooked!”

- Paul Stanley, KISS


Corvette Officially Licensed






TRS Ballistic Luggage

"I’ve owned and used CG bags for years now. I have a total of five for myself and my family. I’m in the entertainment industry and travel a lot. The bags are so versatile. I use as clothing or music equipment. You can bring as a carry on or checked on flights always knowing your gear will be protected. The zippers, wheels and telescoping handles are the best made. The ballistic material is beyond safe. These are not just for golfers. I never write reviews for any products I own. But the satisfaction I’ve had with my bags compelled me to do this one."

- Ricky Lewis







Stiff Arm

"Just wanted to thank y’all for making a great product. I have been using my stiff arm and club glove travel bag for several years and always felt like my clubs were safe. Opened my travel bag this morning after travel from Vegas and found that my Stiff Arm saved my driver and clubs from a hard impact.. all clubs untouched thanks to the Stiff Arm. Great Product Thanks!"

- Dirk B.







TRS Ballistic

"The TRS Ballistic is fantastic! Easy to maneuver, beautifully crafted, and packing is a breeze. The trick is going to be to not over pack. It’ll fit seemingly everything in your wardrobe!
Many thanks...I love it!"

- Roger Maltbie, NBC Sports







Last Bag Collegiate

"Club Glove Last Bag is perfectly named. Great design and it will last forever. There's a reason it's the favorite of the pros on every tour."

(@birdiesandbliss on Instagram)







Last Bag Collegiate

"In the 30+ years I have been traveling with my golf clubs, I've owned a half dozen or so travel bags. If I had bought this travel bag initially, it very likely would have been the only one that I would have had to purchase. It has two trips under its belt and has stood up excellent. Zippers work great and it fits everything I need it to with some room left over. Wish I bought it a long time ago, but glad I have it now. It's going to last longer than me."

- Bruce B.







Last Bag Collegiate

"Have used this @clubglove for 21 years since my college golf days. Prob time for an update but it’s served me well."

(_davidhorne_ on Instagram)








"I guess this could be considered a 'testimonial', though the product I'm writing about has long been out of production... Some time in the mid 90s I won an Absolut vodka golf bag at a tournament. I found out upon getting it home that the bag was made by Club Glove, a company I had only just heard of. The bag served me well for many seasons - extremely durable, versatile, very well made. Several years later, I received a new bag as a Christmas present... Nice, new, roomy - but as it turned out, not as good a bag. I returned to the CG bag`and played with it several more years. After a hiatus, I started playing again a few years ago, and this past year, after updating the equipment inside the bag, thought I'd treat myself to a new bag. An Ogio which came highly recommended... It lasted one season, and I am back to my old faithful. There are so many products we buy today that are just junk. We are now a disposable society and sadly it is a treat to find a product that holds up like this golf bag has. I will finish up this year with it, and then I plan to replace it with nothing but a new Club Glove.
Again - I offer this only as testimonial to an extremely well made product!"
Best regards -
Kevin G









"I am not a golf professional, but I am the son of one, Melvin C. Rowe. My father passed away in 2017. He was the head pro and emeritus pro at the Country Club of Fairfax for over fifty years. Prior to that time, he was the assistant pro at Burning Tree Country Club and played on the tour. My father was a very accomplished player. He was the low qualifier at two PGA’s; won over forty Middle Atlantic PGA tournaments; and set eight course records. I tell you all of this because number one, I am very proud of my father. Also, because, as you would expect, my father played in hundreds of tournaments and was given numerous prizes and gift bags, which he often shared with his family. One of the prizes he received is the pictured rolling duffle, which I was given. I am an attorney with a large firm and travel a fair amount for business and travel. Without a doubt, the best suitcase I have ever used and continue to use is the pictured duffle with the matching toiletry case. I am hard on suitcases, as are the airlines, and this duffle has never broken and is still going strong. It is my go to suitcase. I can set my briefcase on top and roll it.

I just wanted to let you know that you make an excellent product. Keep up the good work."

Steve Rowe








"Ready for teeparture. AK —> CA #haveclubswilltravel"

(@carrforthecourse on Instagram)








"Thank you for the great design of the Stiff Arm. I use it in my Last Bag collegiate, and it gave it’s life to protect my driver from the Delta baggage folks. Will pick up a new one right away!"
- Steve G.








"I always check my bag. I am a million Miller almost two million executive platinum on American Airlines. My other bags would last 6 months the way I travel. This is my bag I purchased December of 2012. I paid the extra 50 dollars for the warranty, thinking I would use it. Nope, in the belly of the plane 720 times and check it out. I may not buy this bag again because I think I will be retired if it ever dies. However, I have purchased other sizes for me and this bag for friends and family. Everyone loves them. Great job made in USA!"
- Sue








"Thanks for saving my clubs. This is all that is left of my Stiff Arm after Southwest Airlines finished throwing my bag around."









(@ScottKefalas on Twitter)









(@carsonclaycalhoun on Instagram)









"Best way to answer the door is when your bags show up. Thank you Club Glove for this amazing set of bags and even better being made In USA."

(John Bell @onelegbell on Instagram)









"We are just back from the Africa Journey where 5 clients were using their Club Glove luggage. The looks we got when we had them all linked together walking through the airport - it was hilarious."

- Anais from Air Journey (Client Debbie pictured)



"I would like to congratulate, and say thank you, to Club Glove for your innovation, quality, and top-notch customer experience as a result of using the TRS Ballistic luggage system. Our organization, the North American One-Armed Golfer Association (, recently traveled to England for our Ryder Cup format competition, the Fightmaster Cup, to play against team Euro, and all 16 members traveled using your TRS Ballistic luggage. This system sets the standard for all travel needs in my opinion, and the positive feedback on ease of use and quality was over the top. I used to always ship my golf bag in advance of playing golf while traveling but not anymore…I actually look forward to traveling with my full gear now so I can show off in the airport while using 1 finger to pull 3-4 pieces of luggage plus a golf bag!! People stop me and ask about this amazing system. I also bought the briefcase, carry-on, and Rx bag for everyday use while traveling for business. You have greatly improved my quality of life while traveling, and I want to say Thank You. You cannot imagine the positive contribution you’ve had on me and 15 more of my NAOAGA brothers."

Jeff Dawley
1-Armed Golfer and World Traveler
North American One-Armed Golfer Association (NAOAGA)
Secretary, Board of Directors
2018 Fightmaster Cup Team
2016 Sanders Division NAOAGA National Champion








"I would like to thank Club Glove for this amazing golf travel gear!
It is by far the best travel system I have ever seen or used . From the standpoint of being a one-armed golfer and dragging my previous bags around it has become amazingly easier how the system hooks up and moves together, the logos look great I feel like a golf pro when traveling. I exert almost no energy when using the system and traveling - I thank you and my back thanks you!
As part of the Fightmaster Cup as Vice-Captain (One-Armed Ryder Cup) who traveled to Europe, your gear was invaluable to my trip!"

Thank you!
Prav Mathur, One-Armed Golfer!
Board Member
North American One-Armed Golfer Association @NAOAGA








Congratulations NNGA for winning the 2018 Cobb Whalen Cup!









"I couldn't be more pleased. I placed my order for a Last Bag Collegiate, with embroidery, around noon on Monday. I received my completed order on Thursday. I am not only so pleased with the construction of the bag, but overwhelmed by the outstanding service. Thank you so much."

- Eric M



Twitter Picture

(@DamonMBanks on Instagram)








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(@Garcelon on Twitter)








Club Glove Bags

"Packed to leave after another great Scotland golf trip. Clearly a consensus on the best golf travel bags."

(@anselagram on Instagram)







TRS Ballistic

"My girls and I all have a set of these 3 piece ensembles! We travel from coast to coast and around the country on vacations and following daddy around on the PGA Tour. They make my life so much easier with there storage ability, custom monogramming, assorted packing bags and BEST of all- the linked pulling system. I can clip multiple bags together to pull at once! It’s so helpful, especially with 2 little girls running around! Also, these bags hold up remarkably well to the wear & tear of traveling- from airport handling to various kinds of weather. As a mom and self proclaimed luggage snob, I am in love with these bags and wouldn’t choose any other luggage for my family and me!"

- Brittany Horschel (PGA Tour wife)







TRS Ballistic

"“Wow” is the standard reaction when I pull the 3-piece fully-loaded “train” into airports and hotels with the touch of a finger...and it is amazing. I’m high maintenance and like to carry everything I could possibly need when I travel, and Club Glove makes it possible to do this in ease and style! The packing cubes have revolutionized my packing, fit nicely in the luggage, and make unpacking at my destination a breeze. The luggage looks great, but more importantly, is incredibly durable. Most importantly though, the engineering that turns a heavy load into a breeze to pull along impels me to give this luggage my highest recommendation!"








Team Titos

"All packed and ready to get on the road. Hope I remembered my pebbles. If you’re not using Club Glove luggage you really need to ask yourself why not. The packing cube system is incredible."

-(@teamtitospickleball on Instagram)







Have Clubs Will Travel

"Have clubs, will travel."

-(@deezputts on Instagram)







Train Reaction System Last Bag and Rolling Duffle

"Having just come back from visiting the Club Glove offices in Huntington Beach, CA, and seeing some of their newest luggage creations, I was extremely impressed. I have been a Club Glove user for about 20 years….started out with the smaller golf travel bag and used it for maybe 16 years. Never had a problem, never broke a club. Very pleased with the product. Four years ago I discovered their luggage……WOW!! I upgraded to the mid-size travel bag and the mini rolling duffel. I take about 4-5 major golf trips every year and I wouldn’t be without my Club Glove gear. When I go through airports with the coordinated bags, I feel great….I catch the eyes looking at the luggage I have and know I have the best. I go over to the UK and Ireland once a year for about 2 weeks and I can take all the clothing I need in the duffel and travel bag and look very smart doing it. The train connection system is so convenient and easy to use it makes traveling so much less difficult……trying to handle 2-3 bags without Club Gloves connection system is at best idiocy. Most of my golf buddies have switched over to Club Glove and usually new travelers with us that aren’t using Club Glove, convert over. The new designs are terrific and have really made Club Glove my first choice in luggage……even if you don’t play golf, these bags are worth having. My wife loves the duffels and we are in the process of deciding which bags will work for her. I could go on and on but all I can say, if you are not using Club Glove now for golf and/or luggage, you should make the switch. You will not regret it.

BTW, some of the reviews talk about broken golf clubs and how the Stiff Arm has saved their drivers and 3 metals from being broken. I use the Stiff Arm as well, but I go a step further. With most if not all newer clubs, the heads unscrew… I take the heads off, put them in the head covers in the travel bag and never have to worry. "

-Mike Rodsater
TRS Ballistic Luggage






Debbe Dunning and her TRS Ballistic Luggage

"My career has put me in a position where I travel at least 3 to 4 times a month. I can’t even imagine not taking Club Glove with me! I am able to carry all of my luggage and sometimes my golf clubs and still have a free hand to hold my coffee."

-Debbe Dunning
TRS Ballistic Luggage






TRS Ballistic

"The luggage was OUTSTANDING!!! So easy to manage at the airport. At one point I let go of the luggage and it actually kept rolling on its own and a couple of people in the airport said wow!

All I could do was laugh isn't it amazing they said yes of course it is.

It was perfect thank you so much and yes, Tahiti was spectacular"

TRS Ballistic Luggage






The Stiff Arm

"A couple of months ago I went through a complete custom fitting that ended up costing me a couple thousand dollars. I had my new clubs for about a month when I took them with me to Mexico. I made sure to put my Stiff Arm in my travel bag to protect my new clubs since I had a driver previously dented by an airline. When we got home from our flight I was stunned to see that the top of my Stiff Arm was broken off. I throughly examined all of my clubs and they sustained no damage at all. The Stiff Arm saved my new clubs when the airline was careless with my bag. I will never travel with my golf clubs without a Stiff Arm in my travel bag.”

Kevin Causey
The Stiff Arm






Brian Vega and His Club Glove Luggage

"Club Glove is the ONLY way to travel. This is the only luggage I have used since I was in college at NC State. Absolutely the best”

Briana Vega
The Rolling Duffles






Saved by Stiff Arm

"Just returned from a trip to Las Vegas, when I opened my travel bag this is what I found. Thankfully there was no damage to my clubs. I will never take my clubs without the Stiff Arm!”

Mark Fine








20 Years and 2000 flights of travel, Club Glove did it all

"The clubs and bags behind me represent 20 years as a golf entertainer with over 2000 airline flights. Club Glove has carried my gear the entire time. All of my Club Glove bags still work 20 years later. Amazing!And by the way, your (TRS) Train Reaction System has changed my life. On todays trip my golf travel bag weighed in at 65 pounds and my clothing bag was 50 pounds. Add another 25 pounds for my shoulder bag and executive backpack and I am toting 140 pounds. I can pull it all with my pinky finger!! There is no one else who can do what you do. Period."

Dan Boever, Former World Long Drive Champion and Current Golf Entertainer








TRS Ballistic Carry On

“My TRS Ballistic luggage has been, hands down, the easiest, most spacious, most efficient luggage I have ever used. The telescoping handle is long enough to provide a comfortable rolling angle. A tall order when you’re 6’8”. The rigid back and floor protects my belongings from the beatings I put it through. They look sleek and ornately made. Fine details are found throughout the bags. There is no wasted space! You get all the room in the bag, the self integrated divider makes organization a breeze. Rarely do I ever need to bring the “check-in" bag because you can fit a small wardrobe in the carry-on size. These bags are hearty, thick zippers, sturdy stitching, and hard sided on all walls. Anyone looking for a bag that says “professional and utilitarian” need look no further.”

Ryan Miller, Former NFL Player
TRS Ballistic Carry-On






the Last Bag and carry On

"For the last 18 years I've travelled extensively as a golf TV broadcaster. Prior to that I was a touring professional. I've logged over 2 million miles traveling the world with A LOT of gear. I've tried just about every brand of luggage and I'm telling you the latest Club Glove TRS Ballistic line is the best I have ever seen. It's stylish and extremely durable. Honestly, it's the last luggage you will ever need. Club Glove is rightfully known for its line of golf travel covers. (Another lifetime piece, and I've never had my clubs or golf bag damaged in Club Glove). The same design and construction quality goes in to the luggage line as the club cover products. In fact, I'd say the TRS Ballistic is a step up in quality from the club covers. And that doesn't seem possible. I realize these pieces are an investment. But they are well worth the money. You won't be disappointed. I'm certainly not. And neither is my wife!"

Charlie Rymer, Golf Analyst and former PGA Tour
Last Bag, Carry-On III






Rolling Duffle

My wife and I just returned from 2 weeks traveling around Southern Africa--- From JFK Airport in New York to Johannesburg and back with multiple flights and transport in between, our duffles were a welcome companion!! Here they are standing tall back in NJ!! -- Thx. for delivering such a high quality product!!

Rolling Duffles






Another save by the Stiff Arm

The broken and bent stiff arm in this attached photo saved my driver on a recent flight to Albuquerque. I'm just glad I bought this in time for my golf trip.

You guys make a quality product.

Tony Gonzales
The Stiff Arm






Billboard bag

Ken Hodge playing a round with a custom Billboard Bag.
"This bag is awesome and I brag about it to everyone."

- Ken Hodge
Former NHL Star

Club Glove Luggage Oy Oy Oy

Recognized for roles in movies such as Snatch and X-men, Actor Vinnie Jones is also an avid traveler who demands quality and functionality from his lugagge. Also known for his days in the English Football League, he has spent long periods of time on the road looking for the perfect luggage that can last for weeks on end, until now.

Vinnie is seen here with a custom TRS Ballistic 3-piece ensemble which includes a Carry-on, Check-in, and Check-in XL all with his name precisely embroidered. He is also seen wearing Scheyden Fixed-Hybrid Panorama eyewear.

Vinnie Jones
TRS Ballistic Luggage






the best tool for travel

"I like my Club Glove luggage so much that I now own many pieces. It makes travel super quick and easy with it's interlocking feature. There's tons of room to just throw things in when I pack; but it also comes with tons of compartments to use if I'm feeling like packing organized – or if my wife is packing for me. An added plus is that it is made in the USA.”

– Chad Henne
Pro Football Quarterback

The newst American Airlines captain

Meet the newest captain for American Airlines, Captain William Kottos. 5-year old William has congenital heart defects and wants to be a pilot when he grows up and with the help of Make-A-Wish and American Airlines, his dream became a reality.

Captain William is seen here with a custom Carry-On bag that Club Glove donated to help complete his uniform and carry his valuables on his flight from Chicago to Dallas. This one of a kind Carry-On has his name specially embroidered right below the American Airlines logo.

Captain William Kottos
Carry-On II




even a 5 year old can opull the Luggage Train

This local family traveling to Maui couldn't be happier. A five year old boy is able to haul three pieces of TRS Ballistic luggage containing weighing over 100 pounds with only one hand thanks to our patented self-balancing luggage connection system.

“I just had to share this with you folks at Club Glove. I have never been so amazed by a set of luggage until I saw my 5 year old son rolling our entire set of luggage with one hand. Thanks for making a great product and making traveling with the family so much easier. The wife is thrilled!”

Robert - Los Angeles
TRS Ballistic






Scott's Perfect Luggage Train

I am an immensely satisfied customer with regard to every single Club Glove product I own. I have the TRS Ballistic three-piece luggage ensemble in addition to two of your golf travel bags, and if there is a better travel product out there, I’ve never seen it. We have taken our Ballistic luggage around the world three times, back and forth across the USA, and up and down California, and it never fails to attract admiring questions—in addition to still looking smart and lightly used. I’m a believer. My investment in the Ballistic luggage system was one of the best I’ve ever made. It’s thoughtfully designed, looks great, and honors its name with bullet-proof performance. I have enclosed a photo of my “rig” in the Dublin IRL airport last year.


Scot Hillman
TRS Ballistic


Even survived a hurricane

I’ve had Club Glove bags for our sticks for over 20 years and they have always been great. But this last trip amazed even me. We were in Cabo San Lucas for our vacation, unfortunately Hurricane Odile was there at the same time. We spent time at a shelter at Secrets Resort but the baggage was left in a separate part of the hotel that lost it’s roof. All of the group’s bags were recovered but had been exposed to Odile and had floated around in the flood waters for a day or more. The Club Glove protected my sticks from any damage and survived the ordeal with the exception of losing one of the zipper keys. Then we had to drag our bags through nearly a mile of mud, sand, water etc but once again the Club Glove came through like a champ. It even handled being strapped to the roof of a cab in Guadalajara, Mexico. Thanks again for making such quality gear.


Mark R. Brown - Ohio
Last Bag


TRS Ballistic

We just took a trip to AZ to play some golf and on our return, Delta Airlines lost both of our sets of golf clubs. They arrived today (next day) and wow! My wife's Stiff Arm in her bag is bent in two places! Clearly the airlines baggage handlers do not have the same love of golf as we do. But thanks to the Stiff Arm in her Club Glove Burst Proof with Wheels II, my wife's clubs are ready for more action. We will be singing the praises of these products to all my golfing friends from today on.


Mike - Cincinnati, OH
Stiff Arm


TRS Ballistic


I have been traveling nonstop for 38 years and go through luggage like I go through paper coffee cups.

I purchased your TRS Ballistic Premium full set of luggage and I must say, this is amazing luggage. I just think this is the very best. I have never really liked packing a bag and dragging it around but this makes that task a pleasure.

You have a great product here. I may never have to buy luggage again.


Edward Allen
TRS Ballistic

Stiff Arm Broken, Clubs Safe

I returned from a trip, unpacked my Club Glove Last Bag and found the black plastic head on top of the Stiff Arm broken off in four or five pieces.

Damn those airlines! The good news is that my clubs are perfect.

Thank you very much for making such great products!


Joe N. - Chesterfield, MO
Stiff Arm

Another Save by the Stiff Arm from Club Glove

I just bought the Club Glove Burst Proof II travel bag, Premium Iron Covers and Stiff Arm for my December 2013 trip to Florida. After arriving at my destination I removed my clubs from the travel bag and noticed the top portion of the stiff arm was bent. After inspection, my clubs were all in great shape especially my newly acquired driver. The Club Glove products with the stiff arm were well worth the investment and assured me of a great golf trip.

Thanks Club Glove!
Stiff Arm

TRS ballistic Luggage

Hi Guys,

I travel over 350000 miles a year, globally.

I am genuinely impressed with the TRS range and agree with your statement that it is the ‘new standard’. Nobody in the world is using the kind of materials that I see on your products; the zipper, the fabric banding, the rivets, the wheel bearings etc. All of it is top end.

I have luggage from many other premium producers, but your TRS line is unique. I have used your TRS luggage and it has stood up to some brutal punishment, admirably.

The TRS system is just bliss to someone who travels as much as me.

Best Regards,
Train Reaction

Stiff Arm

Baggage handlers at LAX are no match for the Stiff Arm! Despite violent treatment that broke the cap off the top of the protective pole, the clubs survived undamaged. I, however, got Stiff Armed during the ensuing “friendly” competition.

Ernie Posey

Stiff Arm

Dan Boever, Happy Traveler

I just walked over a quarter mile from parking lot to ticket counter. For the past ten years that would have meant a 60+ pound golf bag on one arm, a 40-50 pound clothing bag with the other arm, in addition to a carry-on or two.

Today I used your fancy new system and I truly didn't feel hardly anything.

I'm both happy at the prospects going forward and agitated I haven't had it before!!!

Dan Boever Golf Entertainer

Train Reaction

Saved by the Stiff Arm

"I wanted to thank you for the great product. I travel with my clubs occasionally. I always used my Stiff Arm not knowing how important it really was. Attached you will find a picture of my Stiff Arm upon arriving home from a trip. It is completely bent and will not retract but my clubs are perfectly fine. Some kind of high pressure was surely placed upon my bag to bend your Stiff Arm but it did its job. I need to replace it now but I thank my lucky stars it protected my clubs."

Scott - Downers Grove, IL

Stiff Arm

When you rely on your tool, you can rely on club Glove


"I have now been using my Club Glove flight crew gear for nearly 9 years and it still looks like new. It's feather light compared to my old Purdy Neat gear yet seems just as durable."

Captain Marc Ghafouri


The perfect combination for golf travel

"My wife and I just returned from a week in Exuma, The Bahamas. All I can say is that the Burst Proof likely saved our clubs and our trip.

As I watched our flight being loaded onto the aircraft, I saw our Club Glove and other bags on top of the baggage cart, and commented to my wife that our luggage was going to “make it”. Next, I saw the baggage guys literally push the golf bags off of the top of the cart, about a 6 foot drop, straight to the ground, landing on their heads! I watched one of the plastic cased carriers shatter at the top with a couple of pieces flying off. Then came mine! I could just imagine my new driver’s head being snapped off. I figured that even the “Stiff Arm” couldn’t protect from a 6’ drop onto concrete.

I was miserable the entire flight and figured that I’d be buying a new driver as soon as we arrived. I’m sure by now you can figure out what happened. When we picked up the Burst Proof, the first thing I did was open it up, absolutely sure that I’d see a snapped shaft but there it was; “Stiff Arm” looking OK, maybe a little bent, and all clubs intact. I was amazed, relieved, and thankful that we’d decided to invest in a good bag and the “Arm”.

Great product, likely the standard of the industry, and one of those products that you can trust. We do.

Thank You,
Tom & Lana Presley
Huntingburg, IN

Stiff Arm & Burst Proof

Another Save by the Stiff Arm

"I'm sending along this photo of a Club Glove - "Stiff Arm" - to thank you for protecting my golf clubs! After a recent business trip that included a round of golf, this is what I found in my travel bag upon returning home! Thanks to your product, my clubs are fine, but no telling what condition they would have been in without your "Stiff Arm" protection equipment?"

Mark Denzin - McKinney, TX
Stiff Arm

Last Bag

"I have owned a Club Glove Last Bag since 2006. I have taken it to golf destinations all over the US and the UK. I have never had an issue. Recently, I ordered two Rolling Duffle II XL bags for both myself and my wife. My wife's first reaction was; 'what is this and how am I supposed to get everything I need to bring with me into this thing?' Well, after our first trip to Florida, my wife wanted a second bag.

We can both say that this is the finest luggage we have ever used. It is durable, attractive and rolls with ease. Yes, it's pricey, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. This is a worthwhile investment for anyone who travels. I am not just including travel for golf, but ANY travel. Easy to pack, easy to use and you breeze through the airport, even with a golf bag in tow.

Thanks for providing such a great product."


Jerry W. - Illinois
Last Bag

Train Reaction

"Dear Club Glove,

My Christmas present to myself was two of your bags. I travel with heavy dive gear and can be gone for several weeks at a time so I wanted something durable and easy to transport. A few days after Christmas I was asked to travel to the Middle East for work. Traveling there was great and I proudly showed off your bags to my coworkers.

Unfortunately, while I was there working off-shore an accident occurred and I sustained significant injuries to my fingers. They operated on my hand that night with little success. The next day I flew home with a coworker, as he was to assist with my bags and transfers. We had three layovers and about 18 hours of flying to deal with. I was drained both physically and mentally and appreciated his assistance and company while I was still coping with my accident.

The interesting part for Club Glove… whenever we had to transfer I had my bags connected and rolling while he was dealing with carts. Your bags brought a moment or two of much needed joy. I could see folks jaws drop as I was rolling through the terminals with one hand wrapped up and a full load of luggage close behind. One fellow even stopped me to ask the brand name.

I am doing better now. Typing is a challenge but I thought I would pass this little bit of info on; your bags are awesome and I hope to use them again in the near future.

Thanks for such a great product."

Tony Wadley - Dive Safety Officer

Train Reaction

The Last Bag you will every buy

"A little about the Club Glove Last Bag that I purchased shortly after it came out. I have averaged over 3 airplane trips/year using the bag since I bought it and it looks almost as good as new. The durability is second to none, as is the craftsmanship and quality, and I LOVE the fact that it is made in the USA. I wouldn't even consider doing any comparison shopping--just look at the condition of the bag, which has had hard use (commercial airlines) at least 50 times.

Anyhow, this is the only travel bag I would consider buying. "

Rick Yorke
Last Bag

Saved by the Stiff Arm

"I recently returned from a trip where I sent my clubs by FedEx. Am I ever glad that I own not only a Club Glove Large Travel Bag, but a Stiff Arm Club Protector. As you can see from the picture the Stiff Arm protector took the full brunt of rough handling. It was not only bent at the top section, but at the mid section too. If fact the top two sections are bent enough that I can't even get them to expand or contract any further. As a result my new Taylor Made driver and three wood remained intact. Thank you for making such a simple, yet effective product."

Curt Miceli

Stiff Arm

Another Save by the Stiff Arm

"I have used your travel bags for as long as I remember. But I wanted to share a story about another successful save by the Club Glove Stiff Arm. This is the second time my Stiff Arm has protected my clubs from being broken during airline travel. I flew to Scottsdale on Thursday. When I arrived and unpacked my clubs, I found the Stiff Arm bent at about a 30 degree angle. It was bent so bad I could hardly get it out of the bag. My clubs were fine, and the trip went off without a hitch.

Upon arriving home I ordered 4 more from The Golf Warehouse for myself and my three golf buddies on the trip. Thanks, It could have made for a pretty miserable trip. "

Bryan Hatcher
Lenexa, KS

Stiff Arm

Flight Crew Luggage

"Got my new bag and I am loving it!! This bag fits more "stuff" than my Purdy Neat bag and at about half the weight! I love the internal packing bags. The small kit bag is absolutely perfect for my EFB needs in the cockpit. Thanks again for a fantastic product."

Scott Wolfe
Captain American Airlines

Flight Crew Luggage

Carry-On II

"I absolutely love the new Carry-On II design. It is the greatest bag I have ever owned and I've been flying for the airlines as a pilot for over 20 years. Club Glove has achieved perfection!!!!"

Tricia Jimenez
American Airlines Pilot

Carry-On II

Train Reaction Device

"Thanks for such a handy gadget. It was a back saver and I don't know how I would have moved my luggage from the bus to the airport without it.

Best regards!"
Sue Schnelle

TrainReaction Device

caddy towel

"Thank you for the quick service delivering my Club Glove travel items. On arrival in Scotland I opened my club travel bag only to discover the “Stiff Arm” was broken, my clubs were safely intact. I extend a thousand thanks and appreciation to the design and manufacturing teams. Thanks to the Stiff Arm my first ever Scotland outing was played without a hitch.

Best regards!"
Dale Butler

Golf Towel

"I wanted to let you know, the caddie towels that you make, are the best I have ever seen or used, they are so good, I bought some for my weekend golf buddies. I plan to buy some others with our logo on them. Great product!!!!"

– Randy, La Porte, TX

Toting their sticks all over the world, PGA Tour players understand

"Toting their sticks all over the world, PGA Tour players understand this product line employs a unique leverage system to create a perfect center of gravity, letting travelers stroll effortlessly with all their luggage. More than 90 percent use Club Glove."


Another Save by the Stiff Arm from Club Glove

"Club Glove Stiff Arm saved my clubs. In preparation for a trip to Phoenix I purchased the Club Glove Stiff Arm for my travel bag. I flew from Pittsburgh to Phoenix on September 16, 2011. The attached photos are of the bent Stiff Arm that took the brunt of the airline abuse.

Thanks Club Glove!"

– Andrew S.

Club Glove Train Reaction

"Designed to let travelers stroll effortlessly with all their luggage, Train Reaction will forever change the way golfers haul their gear. Using a unique leverage to create a perfect center of gravity, it precisely balances three pieces of luggage to make them feel weightless.”

– Beverly Hills Lifestyle Magazine

Club Glove Train Reaction

"I was sold instantly. Despite loading 80 pounds into the three bags, they glided smoothly across every surface – even grass.  They truly felt weightless.”

– Travel Editor, The Oakland Tribune

stiff arm

"I have just learned a tough lesson that homemade can result in hard knocks, like the kind that decapitated my gorgeous ping driver, literally snapping it in two, a foot from the club head. I wasted no time in availing myself of the Stiff-Arm®, a no-nonsense product produced by the good folks at Club Glove."

– Joel Zuckerman

saved by the stiff arm

"I was traveling a couple of weeks ago with my golf clubs. I had my Stiff Arm® in the bag and wehn we arrived and I went to take my clubs out of the travel bag and the top portion of the Stiff Arm® was bent at almost a 45 degree angle. Non of my clubs were damaged and neither was the bag. Great product, saved my new driver!"

– Kevin, Midland, TX

they work as great today as they did on day one

"I have for some time thought it would be funning to send you copy of the cities I have been to with your travel bags over the last five years. I may have taken the SAME CG gear to each and every city. I can only imagine how it has been treated at times by our friends at all the major airlines. "

When you look at the list you will see 43 states and over 300 cities. They are actual stops along the way. I did not just make up places to put down. I say that because when you look at the list it would be easy to think I just got out an atlas and started typing. I defy anyone to show more travel to more locations with a Club Glove Duffle and Club Glove Last Bag. And the best part...they work as great today as they did on day one. Welldone!

AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, CT, FL, GA, HI, IA, ID, IL, IN, KS, KY, LA, MA, MD, MI, MN, MO, MS, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NV, NY, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WA, WI, WY."

– Dan Boever,


"Must Haves"

"Club Glove passed our test. We only present the finest products and destinations on our website. Rest assured, if it is onon here, it's worth it."



"Club Glove nominated company of the year for 2010"


The Darrel Survey

"90% of all tour players use Club Glove"

– Darrell Survey


- Collin Morikawa
@collin_morikawa Instagram

PGA Tour, 3 Time PGA Tour Winner & 2020 PGA Championship Winner

TRS Ballistic Luggage

- Scott McCarron
Scott McCarron (YouTube)

PGA Tour Champions, 3 Time PGA Tour Winner & 11 Time PGA Tour Champions Winner


- John Maginnes
@johnmaginnes Twitter

Former PGA and Champions Tour Player


- Billy Horschel
@BillyHo_Golf Twitter

PGA Tour, 5 Time PGA Tour Winner & 2014 FedEx Cup Champion


"Best ever!"

CT Pan

@ctpan63 Instagram

PGA Tour, 2019 RBC Heritage Winner & 2016 Summer Olympian


- Justin Thomas
Justin Thomas Snapchat

PGA Tour, 13 Time PGA Tour Winner, 2017 FedEx Cup Champion & 2018 Ryder Cup Team Member


This really illustrates the ability to tend to another task... such as your pup!!

@blaironealgolf Instagram

Professional Golfer, Model, Winner Big Break: Dominican Republic, Two Time NCAA Longest Drive Winner

Annika S

"#Iceland and #Sweden here we come!

Mike McGee"
@annikas59 @mike_mcgee21 Instagram

Former LPGA Tour, 72 Time LGPA Tour Winner including 10 Time LGPA Major Winner

TRS Ballistic Luggage
Alison Curdt loves the Stiff Arm

“Thanks to Club Glove USA my driver didn’t break on my flight home. How the airline was able to bend the stiff arm, I don’t know! But luckily my driver is safe!”

Alison Curdt
Natalie Gulbis uses Club Glove

Natalie Gulbis states that traveling with Club Glove is the "only way to travel"!

Natalie Gulbis
@natalie_gulbis Twitter

Former LPGA Tour Player, LPGA Tour Winner & 3 Time U.S. Solheim Cup Team Member

Last Bag XL Pro Tour, Stiff Arm® Carry-On III
Stewart Cink shows how esy it is to pull TRS Ballistic luggage

Stewart Cink with his TRS Ballistic Premium Luggage in Slate. The integrated Train Reaction System is ideal to meet the needs of a tour professional who is always on the road, such as Stewart.

Stewart Cink
PGA Tour, 6 Time PGA Tour Winner & 5 Time Ryder Cup Team Member

TRS Ballistic Luggage
Richie Ramsay loves his Club Glove Microfiber golf Towel

Richie Ramsay loves the detailing on the Saltire Flag on his custom Original Caddy Towels.

Richie Ramsay
Professional Golfer - European Tour

Microfiber Caddy Towel
Natalie Gulbis with her TRS Ballistic 3 Piece Ensemble

Natalie Gulbis traveling with her three piece TRS Ballistic ensemble, including a Carry-On, Check-In and Travel Rx.

Natalie Gulbis
Former LPGA Tour
Train Reaction

Showing off his custom CG USA Billboard Bag and getting some trick shots in.

- Dan Boever
Former World Long Drive Champion
Train Reaction
"I just wanted to reach out and thank you for making such a great product. Club Glove definitely makes my life so much easier when I am on the road!”

– Blair O'Neal
Professional Golfer, Model, Winner Big Break: Dominican Republic, Two Time NCAA Longest Drive Winner
Carry-On II
“When travelling as much as we do, reliability and durability are everything.

This luggage rocks!”

– Scott Simpson
Champions Tour & 1987 US Open Winner
Scott McCarron only uses Club Glove luggage
"I didn't think they could make Club Glove luggage any better but they achieved it with the new TRS Ballistic!”

"It's the only luggage I use and it's the only luggage I'll ever use."

- Scott McCarron
PGA Tour Champions, 3 Time PGA Tour Winner & 11 Time PGA Tour Champions Winner

Chris DiMarco loves his Club Glove Luggage
"I am not blowing any smoke, this is the best luggage I have ever used."

Chris DiMarco
Golf Channel Analyst & 3 Time Winner PGA Tour
The only sure thing about my golf game is my Club Glove, Peter Jacobsen
"The only sure thing about my golf game is my Club Glove®."

Peter Jacobsen
NBC Analyst & Champions Tour
when I'm dead and gone I'm using it for my coffin, Gary McCord
"It never wears out, when I'm dead and gone I'm using it for my coffin."

Gary McCord
CBS Golf Analyst & 2 Wins on Champions Tour

““Thanks so much for your over the top service in helping me purchase my new travel bag from ClubGlove. The bag and organizers are fantastic, the design and ability to trolly bags is the best! Share with your colleagues this is the best travel bag I have ever owned!” TRS Ballistic (”

- - Dennis L

TRS Ballistic

“I’ve used other golf bags for years and have had clubs and other items destroyed. I’m so glad that I finally made the switch.

Other luggage I’ve used had tears or marks each time I travel-which is a lot. With the way airlines handle bags, it’s important to have one that can withstand the wear.

The material is impressively durable and the zippers are a step above what many others use. I really like where and how Club Glove designed the extra padding around where you’re clubs will sit. The reinforcement at the bottom is noticeably more study than other brands. The Stiff Arm lives up to its name. All of this protects your clubs and other valuable items inside.

It's never fun lugging clubs around an airport and to the rental car but the wheels are well designed and I really love the strap under the handle so that you can hook the bag to your other luggage.

It’s increasingly hard to find well-made products. This is a homerun. It’s no wonder all of my friends who have a Club Glove bag for years brag about it.

The fact that it’s made in the USA is the cherry on top!”

- Chantel McCabe

TRS Ballistic