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Press Release01/31/18 -

Club Glove Still Batting 1000 On Product Usage On Tour For The 2017-2018 Season



Club Glove Still Batting 1000 On Product Usage On Tour For The 2017-2018 Season



HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA (JAN. 31, 2018) - Club Glove, the leader in premium golf travel luggage, is the preferred luggage choice for every 2017-2018 season winner to date.


It’s no surprise that Club Glove once again, is the number one choice for both professional and amateur tour players. In 2017, three out of four major winners traveled to and from their events using the company’s premium travel luggage, TRS Ballistic. These stats follow the 2016 season during which all four major winners and all three Rio Olympic Medal winners also traveled with Club Glove.


A product rarely seen in use or on the golf course itself, but still viewed as one of the most crucial pieces of equipment, quality luggage is a must for any touring professional. Demanded and chosen by the pros themselves, Club Glove’s luggage is depended upon to safely and successfully transport the player’s clubs and belongings from tournament to tournament every season- all season long. Within the competitive travel luggage market there are a number of premium brands that the Tour Pros can choose from; their continued decision to choose Club Glove for their daily travel needs only reiterates that they are the new standard in American made luggage.


“There are several choices when it comes to premium travel gear and we are proud that the overwhelming majority of PGA Tour players continue to use Club Glove luggage and golf travel bags for their demanding travel schedule,” said Club Glove CEO and President Jeff Herold.


For more information or to view a full list of golf’s superstars that choose to travel with Club Glove’s TRS Ballistic luggage, visit or or call (714) 843-9288. Get social with Club Glove on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.



Hazzle Andrada

PR & Marketing Coordinator



About West Coast Trends, Inc.

Based in Huntington Beach, CA, West Coast Trends Inc. was founded in 1990 and is the maker of both Club Glove and Scheyden Eyewear, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of premium luggage, golf travel bags, stand bags, club covers, and accessories. Its products have been tested and approved by the world’s most demanding travelers, including pilots at all of the major airlines. The overwhelming choice of serious golfers, the company’s Club Glove products are used by more than 75 percent of PGA and Champions Tour Players, according to the Darrell Survey.