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Press Release01/17/18 - NGF

The National Golf Foundation Announces NGF GOLF 100, the Inaugural List of the Top 100 Businesses in Golf


The National Golf Foundation Announces NGF GOLF 100, the Inaugural List of the Top 100 Businesses in Golf


NGF Recognizes and Celebrates the Leading Companies in the Golf Industry, from Acushnet to Yamaha


Jupiter, FL – January 16, 2018 – The National Golf Foundation (NGF), the only trade organization that works with every sector within the golf industry, today released its inaugural list of the Top 100 Businesses in Golf.


This biennial list recognizes the successful companies, organizations and associations that are of fundamental importance to both consumers and facilities involved in the game of golf. With eight different industry segments represented, the U.S.-centric NGF GOLF 100 offers comprehensive insight across all sectors including apparel and equipment companies, turf equipment and supply companies, course builders and management companies, as well as industry associations, media, retail and technology.


“The NGF GOLF 100 is intended to highlight the depth and vitality within the sport,” said Joe Beditz, President and CEO of NGF.  “The diverse list of companies and organizations contains not only the well-known brands that golfers see on TV, but celebrates a host of other innovators and influencers throughout various business segments that contribute to golf’s almost $70 billion impact on the economy.”


Eight distinct weighted criteria were taken into consideration when assessing individual companies and organizations for the NGF GOLF 100. Financial success was a key component based on an evaluation of annual revenue, overall growth rate and trajectory. Additionally, companies were assessed on their influence throughout the golf industry, their innovations, their prominence and leadership both within the sport and their category, and their contribution to the growth and vitality of the game.


The NGF GOLF 100 is not a ranking, instead grouping selected companies and organizations by sector. Created to give an overview of golf’s commercial breadth in the U.S., the list recognizes the broad array of businesses important to the game.


“Our company has been around the golf business for 28 years now and are honored by this recognition. I feel blessed to be part of what I feel is the greatest industry in the world,” said Club Glove CEO Jeff Herold.


The NGF GOLF 100 evolved from the NGF’s expertise in research that includes market intelligence in the areas of golf participation, consumer behavior, course operations, facility development, travel, retail and consumer confidence. In addition, the NGF has its finger on the pulse of the golf industry through its consulting practice and continuous examination of golf supply, demand and trends that impact the golf businesses.


“As an organization that works closely with companies throughout the golf business, we have a unique perspective on category leadership and innovation,” said NGF Chief Business Officer Greg Nathan. “Consulting and driving business success is part of our DNA. This is our way to recognize those who enhance golf courses and the experience for golfers.”


The NGF GOLF 100 is available today at The Q (, the organization’s new communications platform focused on the business of golf.


The National Golf Foundation in 2019 plans to release an International list of the top businesses in golf that are based or do a majority of their business outside the U.S.


About the National Golf Foundation

The National Golf Foundation, founded 1936, is driven by its mission to foster the growth and vitality of the game and business of golf. The NGF holds a unique position as the most trusted and preeminent provider of market research, marketing databases, business insights and programs that support every segment of the industry. For more information, please visit


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