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Press Release04/28/17 -

How to Pack For a Golf Trip by recently published an article, “How to pack for a golf trip,” featuring Club Glove’s green Rolling Duffle III and Stiff Arm.
Here are some of the things they had to say:
Stiff Arm
"The ideal complement to the travel bag is ClubGlove’s Stiff Arm. It’s a dead simple product designed to be extended taller than your driver, placed in your bag and take the brunt of any pain the bag receives in travel. Thirty dollars well spent."
Roling Duffle III
"ClubGlove’s Rolling Duffle III is designed to be checked at an airport, but it’s not an unruly size. It’s not hard to fit a week’s worth of gear inside and features some of the same attributes that makes the golf bag so great, notably the plastic wheelbase and Cordura nylon. Hudson Sutler’s specializes in duffel bags of all sizes, but their valuables pouch has proven invaluable on recent trips. If you’re constantly on the move for your trip, having one place you know contains your wallet, keys, battery pack and extra cash is handy. Going from hotels to bag drops to trunks, bad things can happen. Avoid disaster."