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Industry News04/20/17 - Plugged In Golf

Club Glove Last Bag Golf Travel Bag Review


Club Glove Last Bag Golf Travel Bag Review

Written by: Matt Meeker

50 Words or Less

Constructed of heavy duty materials, the Club Glove Last Bag is a durable travel bag providing confident protection for your golf clubs, bag, and gear. 


Club Glove is a company synonymous with travel bags and used by over 90% of professional golfers.  Don’t believe me, just head to baggage claim Monday at a tour event city.  You may recall Club Glove’s first product from back in the 90’s – neoprene head covers that derived from the wet suits founder Jeff Herold wore surfing the waves of California.  I noted a common thread with some other great west coast brands, johnnie-O and Iliac – all the founders have a passion for the board and the links.  I asked Jeff if that’s some secret entrepreneurial combo.

“It doesn’t take too long living on the West Coast to be immersed in action sports such as surfing, skiing, and snowboarding. That combined with year-round golf makes it an easy combo to grow into.  I have known John O’Donnell for over 15 years now however I have never met Bert LaMar.  I would love to meet Bert someday as I really appreciate his designs and willingness to make things here in the USA.  Both John and Bert are much better golfers than I, however I feel blessed to be able to partake in these wonderful individual sports.”


The Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro is a soft sided travel bag for your golf clubs and accessories.  The Large Pro version I tested is intended to accommodate most stand and cart bags.  For staff bags, Club Glove offers the XL Pro Tour.  They also introduced a smaller version in 2016 for carry and smaller stand bags called the Collegiate.  The Last Bag Large Pro is available in 17 colors, and can be personalized.  Even though its size and shape make a Last Bag stand out from other luggage, I prefer any color other than black for quick identification.


Club Glove calls it the Last Bag for a reason – it’s intended to be the only travel bag you ever need to purchase.  The bag body is made from Invista Cordura 1000 D nylon fabric which is the highest denier (linear mass density of the fiber) fabric made by Invista for luggage and also water resistant.  The black reinforcing fabric and handles are made of even stronger 1600 denier ballistic nylon.  Each handle connection is reinforced with four metal rivets.  The plastic base is sturdy, and the wheels look and feel industrial.  Compared with other travel bags, this bag feels indestructible.

Design & Performance

Much of the design of the Last Bag Large Pro is related to the quality components described above.  Inside there’s a strap that secures the golf bag to the Last Bag, which keeps everything from shifting in transit.  I do wish there was a second, lower strap inside, but once the bag is closed the three outside straps lock everything down.

The top section of the Last Bag has thick padding for additional protection for the club heads.  There’s a generous pocket on each side of the Last Bag and an ID nook with a sturdy snap closure.  The main zipper opens all the way across the top which makes getting the golf bag in and out a breeze.  The positioning of the central lift handle is perfectly located for keeping a packed bag balanced.  Having a handle near the bottom is great when lifting and maneuvering were required.  For rolling the unit, the top handle does the trick.  The extra loop you see on the top is for integrating with Train Reaction luggage from Club Glove.  I didn’t test this, but it sure looks awesome in these videos.

Before I move on to performance, I need to point out that I also tested the Club Glove Stiff Arm.  This $29.95 device should be utilized with any travel bag for protecting your clubs.  Extended a couple of inches above your longest club, the Stiff Arm not only provides unifying rigidity to the whole bag, it keeps the contents from getting crushed length wise – think nose dive from extended heights.  The round disc also acts like a safety umbrella for side impacts.

I was hoping to test the Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro on an actual flying golf trip, but the timing didn’t work out.  Simulating the airline experience turns out to be a battle of guts and nerves.  I tested within reason until I felt comfortable the combination of packing technique, Last Bag design, and Stiff Arm would protect my gear and clubs from damage by even aggressive handling.  Packing may be considered an art, but there’s a careful blend of science involved, and Matt S shares his valuable insight here.  Another tip from past experience – pack sunscreen inside a shoe so it doesn’t take a direct hit.

The wheels on the Last Bag roll effortlessly and are sized to take on steps while maintaining maneuverability.  One final thing I grew to appreciate was the plastic base.  The solid bottom allows the bag to stand upright – a real plus when you are stuck in a line or needing both hands for other purposes.  The downside to the base it the bag doesn’t fold up flat enough to stick under a bed and ends up about the size of a roller carry-on.


I’m always skeptical when I see statistics regarding usage by pros as they get everything for free, or are paid to use products.  But, would they use a product like this if their clubs – their livelihoods – weren’t protected?  I don’t believe so.  I polled several pros, and all of them use Club Glove Last Bags.  At $319, the Large Pro doesn’t come cheap, but compared to the investment being protected it’s worth it.  Unlike those shiny new balls or hot new club you just bought, the Last Bag is going to be around for a while.