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Product Release01/12/17 - Useful Shots Golf


So the holiday season has come and gone, and with it brought plenty of golf related goodies in the form of gifts and bargain finds.  Admittedly most of these items were on a predetermined list sent out to family members in an effort to avoid the useless novelty golf gag gift, but trust me it makes for a better gift opening experience.  Anyway I thought I would share some of my favorite small goods that will find their way in to the golf bag this season:

  1. Golfdotz Golf Ball ID Markers – These “not sticker” decals transfer preset designs to your golf ball with a few seconds of finger-applied pressure.  No mess, just cut out a logo, remove the protective film and press.  Designs vary from flags to emojis to putting aids, and at $6 for a pack of 32 logos it is a great way to keep your game unique.  They are fully conforming to USGA rules:
  2. Club Glove Pocket Towel – This 8×12 towel size comes free with a purchase of the Tour Size Caddie Towel.  Made of the same quality super absorbent waffle-texture material, this handsize towel is perfect for cleaning golf balls on the green or sand off your wedge.  Definitely a golf bag mainstay:
  3. Sol Republic Punk Speaker – I found this one at Marshalls while shopping for other gifts and at $24 had to give it a try.  I love my Sol Republic headphones so I knew the quality sound would be there.  The sound definitely does not disappoint.  This little guy is loud, and deep.  No tin can sound and made with very durable materials, meant for travel and outdoor use. It also carries an 8 hour playback with a full charge, which is more than enough time for your round and few beverages after.  This originally retailed at $59, so finding it cheaper these days makes this a no brainer: Amazon
  4. Pride Golf Tees – Plastic, driver length, and carry the stars and stripes: Amazon
  5. Tee Claw Artificial Turf Tee – This handy little accessory grips your own tees into a small plastic “claw” that grabs on to driving range mats. There is an elastic band that comes with the claw to allow you to keep it from flying away after each swing, 3 per pack.  Never hit off of a broken or wrong sized rubber nozzle again, genius:
  6. Rival + Revel Silo Club Carrier – This palm-sized bit of plastic and foam is perhaps my favorite gift based on its simple design and incredible functionality.  I rarely bring my whole bag to the driving range and hate lugging loose clubs only to hear them clang and bang against each other.  This little gadget snuggly stores six clubs of your choice, locking shafts in place to avoid club clatter.  They also have slots for 3 tees and the top logo doubles as a magnetic ball marker:
  7. Nike Dri-Fit Solar Sleeves – These compression sleeves can quickly pop on, just under your polo sleeves to provide both moisture wicking fabric and UV sun protection.  Much like most of Nike Golf’s apparel line, these will also help your wardrobe standout: Nike Solar Sleeves

We will look to update our bags in the future, so stay tuned for more #WITB from Useful Shots!