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Press Release01/24/17 - Miss Travel Guru

Could This Be The Ideal Suitcase? Introducing TRS Ballistic Luggage!

Ever wondered what it would be like NOT to struggle with your luggage? Tired of pulling bags and your back out over un-even surfaces and trying to hold onto 4 bags at once?

Specifically handcrafted to complement the first-class travel experience, the TRS Ballistic luggage by Clubglove is not only uber trendy looking but also super functional and durable. Unique features include their ‘train reaction’ system (which allows users to connect multiple pieces of luggage and tow with a single hands impact wheelbases) as well as their two wheel tow system to make your life a hell of a lot easier when it comes to dragging bags.

The bags are also constructed of  Invista™ Courdura® 1050 denier U.S. woven military spec nylon ballistic fabric (also known as the world’s most ideal material for high-end luggage) and have up to 2x the abrasion resistance of a lot of luggage on the market. Oh, and of course they also come in slick and stylish color schemes, professional and classic, all of which interconnect and match in style. Pack well with the included packing modules, that allow you to separate ‘his’ and ‘hers’ and maximize your storage space when not in use, as each bag fits inside the other.

The ClubGlove products are a good standard to go by, selected by The Ryder Cup Team, 10 years running  to provide players, their caddies and their families with luggage and gear, and is also used by the vast majority of PGA Tour players.

Perfect for the affluent globetrotter with convenience, durability and unrivaled quality they can count on! For more info see