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Press Release07/18/16 - West Coast Trends Inc.

Club Glove introduces new features to the TRS Ballistic Premium Luggage line

Club Glove introduces new features to the TRS Ballistic Premium Luggage line


HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – Club Glove® – The leader in premium travel luggage, golf bags, club covers and accessories continues enhancing their TRS Ballistic line of premium luggage.

Since it’s initial debut in 2011, the TRS Ballistic line has continued to break new ground by making continual improvements to the luggage features; from the innovative connecting process to its state of the art wheelbase.  Some of the newer features include: a newly designed high impact wheelbase that allows for recessed storage of the retractable handle and added protection of interior goods, along with a new zippered compartment that stows the patented Train Reaction System adjustable straps when not in use. The newest of these features is the adjustable strap, which allows the user to connect multiple pieces of rolling luggage no matter the size and conveniently carries at your preferred height.

Following its inaugural launch, the TRS Ballistic luxury luggage line quickly became renowned as the world’s only self-balancing and connecting luggage system, which introduced a new standard in American made luggage. TRS Ballistic is strategically designed to meet the demands of the avid traveler and touring professional. Functioning as an interconnected luggage system, TRS Ballistic luggage creates a perfectly balanced train by attaching multiple pieces together; providing an effortless and almost weightless movement around and about airports and cities.

An avid traveler himself, Club Glove President, Jeff Herold, describes what inspired the idea behind the unique luggage line: “We wanted to come up with a more traditional style luggage that would be able to withstand the rigors of travelling on the PGA tour….our original duffels, though incredibly well built, with an almost military style were wonderful for our exclusive niche of clients; however, we needed to come up with something that appeared a little more mainstream in terms of style and appeal to the frequent traveler.”

Luggage, or suitcases - as it was once known - has seen dramatic evolvement over the past two decades, contingent to advancements in transportation. These days, the biggest concern travelers seem to have are how properly their luggage is being handled by third party personnel such as, TSA, airline baggage handlers, etc.

With this in mind, Club Glove strategically designs its luggage to withstand most, if not all, of the tribulations that come with travelling. 

The TRS Ballistic luggage line will be displayed at the Club Glove booth during the PGA Fashion and Demo Experience taking place in Las Vegas, beginning August 15th through August 17th.  

Club Glove is the undisputed number one professional and collegiate golf travel bag brand. Used by more PGA Tour players than any other brand in golf, the Last Bag was named one of the sport's top 10 innovations of the last 20 years by Golf Digest. Their latest innovation in luxury travel, TRS Ballistic luggage, has taken the luggage industry by storm with pristine pieces that display sophistication and unmatched durability.   

For more information regarding Club Glove USA or to purchase products see or call (800) 736-4568.  Get social with Club Glove USA on Facebook or Twitter.



Kat Jara

PR & Marketing Coordinator



About West Coast Trends, Inc.

Based in Huntington Beach, CA, West Coast Trends Inc. was founded in 1990 and is the maker of both Club Glove and Scheyden Precision Eyewear, a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of premium luggage, golf travel bags, stand bags, club covers and accessories. Its products have been tested and approved by the world’s most demanding travelers, including pilots at all of the major airlines. The overwhelming choice of serious golfers, the company’s Club Glove® products are used by more than 75 percent of PGA and Champions Tour players, according to The Darrell Survey.