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Press Release01/28/13 - Back Nine Network

Gearing Up: Club Glove

Gearing Up:

Club Glove

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Remember the time when Club Glove was the name of a company that only made golf club travel bags? Yeah, me neither.

Club Glove showcased their new line of products for the season at the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, and they were undoubtedly one of the busiest booths at the conference.

I met with founder and CEO Jeff Herold to review the company’s newest offerings and innovations you are sure to see at golf courses everywhere.

Since the company’s inception in 1990, Club Glove has been the optimal choice for luggage, golf travel bags, stand bags and various accessories for over 20 years. As Herold told me last week, their new 2013 line continues their tradition of providing truly innovative products to golfers of all ability levels.

Their new TRS Ballistic Bronze luggage raises the bar in style and user-friendliness. These bags are incredible. Not only can you attach a group of luggage of differing sizes together to help you race through the airport to catch a plane, but all the pieces are perfectly balanced with one another so there is no worry of dumping your bags. Their patented Train Reaction System (“TRS”, get it?) allows you to connect a travel bag to your carry-on with ease, leaving you with a train of bags easily directed with one hand.

Did you know Club Glove also makes on heck of a golf towel? Their microfiber PRO Tour Caddy Towel (which I have on my golf bag) features a textured design that holds 300 percent of its weight in water and will remain wet throughout your entire golf round. I have never used a towel that has been more convenient and reliable for cleaning my clubs or golf balls, even on the hottest days. Plus, they come in a variety of colors.

Finally, Herold took some time to introduce the company’s biggest innovation to date: the new TravelRx duffel bag.

“The TravelRx is a vintage-style bag that will be perfect for country clubs and golf resorts,” Herold explained. “The unique thing about this bag is its versatility. There are two different internal compartments that allow you to customize your bag depending on the type of items you are carrying.”

Herold demonstrated that the Travel Rx features a “false floor” that can be unzipped to allow for more storage for larger items. You can also keep the compartment zipped to allow for a second, lower space that perfectly fits a laptop.