By Judi Dash 17. THE BIG EMPTY:What I want in a big carry-on satchel is a vast cavern to stuff in everything I need. Forget about those built-in organizational dividers; they get in my way and limit what fits in any one section. Thus, it's packing heaven with the new TRS Ballistic TravelRX Bag from Club Glove, makers of innovative golf bags and lightweight roomy accessories. The lightly padded 22-inch-wide by 13-inch-high by 10-inch-deep Courdora nylon bag doctor-style bag, zips way open from the top via double zippers, providing unobstructed access to a whole lot of empty. A neat touch is a zippered floor compartment, which can divide the bag horizontally into two sections — shoes and laundry might go on the bottom, for example — with access to the lower section from a side zipper. But you can unzip that false bottom and have the whole bag for packing. The 3.8-pound bag has four internal zippered mesh pockets and two large external pockets — one zippered, the other open for quick stashing of newspapers or perhaps a jacket. Double seat-belt style webbed carry handles and an adjustable, detachable padded shoulder strap provide helpful hoisting options. Comes in all black, or black with bronze carry handles, shoulder strap, and webbing detail.

TRS Ballistic TravelRX Bag, $399,

Judi Dash, Gear & Gadgets Syndicate