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Press Release04/24/13 -

Club Glove's Last Bag Still Leading

April 24 2013

9:05 AM

Club Glove's Last Bag still leading


/></p><p><i>Rickie Fowler's photo proves how popular Club Glove's Last Bag is on TOUR. (Twitter: @RickieFowlerPGA)</i><br/></p><p><i>By Jonathan Wall, PGATOUR.COM Equipment Insider</i></p><p>Professional golfers are constantly on the road, traveling from tournament to tournament with their golf clubs in tow. Most players on the PGA TOUR log anywhere from 20-25 starts each year — which means the travel bag that's keeping their clubs safe during each trip takes a beating. </p><p>The last thing you want to worry about is your clubs making it to the course in one piece, said Jeff Herold, Club Glove's founder and president. These guys have enough on their plate before the tournament starts.</p><p>Club Glove's Last Bag has been the top travel bag on the PGA TOUR since 1998 and, according to Club Glove, is currently used by more than 90 percent of PGA TOUR players.</p><p>While the figure may seem high, <a href=>Rickie Fowler provided confirmation recently when he tweeted a photo</a> of the players' locker room on a Monday afternoon with stacks of Club Glove bags waiting to be unloaded. </p><p>Darrell Survey used to do a travel bag count several years back, but the count was so lopsided in our favor that they stopped doing it, Herold said. We honestly believe we have the best travel bag on the market, and players seem to think so as well. It's durable and you can use it forever.</p><p>The Last Bag weighs 10.6 pounds and is made with Cordura 1000 D water resistant nylon that's up to three times stronger and lasts up to five times longer than standard polyester. The standard version can hold the average stand bag and a driver that's up to 47 inches, while the XL version holds tour staff bags. </p><p>The travel bag also has a high impact wheelbase with in-line skate wheels that make it easy to maneuver, two exterior shoe pockets and an over the top zipper for easy loading and unloading. </p><p>Golfers can also add additional protection with Club Glove's Stiff Arm ($26.95). The fully adjustable telescoping crutch expands to fit just over the top of the tallest club in the bag for added protection during travel. </p><p>We looked at everything and tried to figure out how we could make a bag that lasts, Herold said. With the exception of adding updated zippers that are a little more durable and new straps, the bag, for the most part, has remained the same since we first designed it. We pride ourselves in the product we put out — especially since it's the only travel bag that's made in the USA.</p><p>Club Glove's Last Bag currently retails for $299; the XL version retails for $329. Both come with a limited lifetime warranty. </p><p>For more information or to buy Club Glove's Last Bag, <a href=>click here</a>.</p><div class=parsys additionalContent2> </div></div><div align=left class=tourLRTags> Filed under: <a href=/equipmentreport.html/equipment-report/equipment-news rel=tag>Equipment News</a>  <a href=/equipmentreport.html/equipment-report rel=tag>Equipment Report</a>  <a href=/equipmentreport.html/Tours/pgatour rel=tag>PGA TOUR</a>  </div></div></p>

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