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Press Release06/15/11 -

Ballistic Luggage

Ballistic luggage” and “ballistic carry-on”… those are phrases you probably don’t want to utter while going through security unless you want a full cavity check – and yet with luggage this intriguing it is tough not to want to talk about it.  Made right here in America, Club Glove’s TRS Ballistic Line is made largely from Invista Cordura 1050 denier nylon ballistic fabric, an absolutely ideal material for wear-resistant luggage (up to 4x the tear-resistance compared to other premium fabrics).  Ballistic nylon was the body armor material of choice up until Kevlar was developed, a similar material to ballistic nylon, and was often used in flak jackets and to reinforce tires in military vehicles; it has a long proven history for durability.

As a set (full-size check-in bag, a carry-on, and a mid-size bag), the line goes for approximately $1,495 but each item is available separately.  Ballistic material aside, the TRS Ballistic line is not a one-trick pony.  While, yes, it is rugged, this line is made for the devout traveler that puts serious demands on their luggage and needs to make it to the hotel at the end of a long flight.  As a particular point of interest, this line features Club Glove’s Train Reaction™ system which dramatically reduces effort needed to pull or push gear by creating the perfect center of gravity to generate a sense of weightlessness – coupled with the ultra-durable ballistic fabric and the fact that this line is designed to be connected with Club Glove’s golf travel bags, this allows for incredible versatility in a luggage line.  While it is marketing with the PGA in mind, lets look at this for exactly what it is: well engineered luggage, and nothing less.

Let’s also not underestimate that, although black, it looks distinguished enough so as not to completely blend in with the rest of the black bags coming off the baggage claim carousel.

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