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Press Release01/30/12 -

The Last Bag: Golf Travel Bag Review




When you fly in for the PGA Merchandise, you get a chance to see a whole lot of travel bags. What stood out to me, as I waited for my luggage, was the overwhelming amount of PGA Pros and golf industry people who were carrying Club Glove bags. These are guys who A) put a lot of mileage on their travel bags and  could probably have whatever travel bag they wanted. So, I wondered, why the preponderance of one single brand? I tested The Last Bag by Club Glove to find out.

Features and Quality

When you examine The Last Bag, there is no question that a great deal of time and effort went into designing and making it. The material the bag is made out of is a burst-proof nylon that feels like it will never wear out. I saw a lot of duct tape on travel bags this past weekend, but none of it was on a Club Glove bag. Additionally, the stitching and welts are all very heavy duty. I examined the bag from top to bottom and did not find a single loose thread, bad welt, or any other defect.

The Last Bag offers a number of features that I liked. First, the top is extremely well-padded (roughly 1.5” thick). This is one of the most important features since the whole point of the bag is to protect your clubs.

Next, the bag is large. It can easily accommodate a large cart bag, and probably could hold a staff bag. For me, it held a stand bag, a week’s worth of clothes, and 2 pairs of shoes. Where Club Glove went the extra mile is in putting in a strap that secures the golf bag inside of The Last Bag so that it won’t be jostled around during transit. And if the main compartment isn’t large enough for you, the bag also has two large exterior pockets.

Also, the base of the bag and the wheels are seated in a hard plastic base. This offers stability, reduces the wear on the nylon, and gives the wheels a solid support structure.

Finally, I like that the bag features both a heavy duty YKK zipper AND large plastic buckles. Between these two, there is zero chance that this bag will be opened accidentally.

The Last Bag vs. Hard Case

Prior to testing The Last Bag, I had always transported my clubs in a hard plastic case. It’s not something I will ever do again. Here’s why:

· The hard case is heavy as sin. Between my clubs, 1 pair of shoes, and the case, I was right at the 50 pound limit. The Last Bag allowed me to pack my clubs, a week of clothes, 2 pairs of shoes, and I still had weight to spare.

· The hard case is hard to transport. If you’re renting anything smaller than a truck or large SUV, getting the hard case into a car is a major undertaking. The Last Bag takes up only slightly more room than a standard golf bag.

· The hard case is hard to pack. My case closed with 3 clasps and it was often hard to tell if they were completely secured, whereas I’ve never struggled to know if a zipper was closed or not. It’s also much easier to pack your clubs snugly inside The Last Bag.

The argument in favor of a hard case is superior protection, but having traveled with The Last Bag, I’m hard pressed to see where that improvement lies.


The Last Bag by Club Glove retails for $299 and the Stiff Arm costs $27. This is the top tier for travel bags when it comes to price, but it is also the very top when it comes to quality.

When I think about the value of this, I ask myself two very simple questions, “How much is it worth to have my clubs arrive safely?” and “How much is invested in my bag?” For me, investing a little over $300 to protect my trip and my clubs is a no-brainer.

Obviously The Last Bag is not for everyone. For the guy who is going to travel with his clubs once in his life, it probably doesn’t make sense. Then again, if you were that guy you probably wouldn’t be reading this. When you take into account what the bag protects and the quality of its construction, The Last Bag offers a great value.


It should be obvious by this point that I was very impressed with The Last Bag, and that I would recommend it to anyone who travels with their clubs. While there is no question that it is expensive, it’s a top quality, American made product that will truly be the last bag that you need to buy.

Grade: A+