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Press Release06/11/11 - Avid Golfer

Wipe Out The Competition

If you’re looking for trendsetters in golf, look no further than the PGA TOUR pros. If they’re doing something different or dressing a certain way, best believe wanna-be pros, weekend hacks and especially junior golfers will follow suit.

Just look at the latest fashion trends of big hair, flat-billed caps, playing certain clubs, wearing red on Sundays, etc.

Another trend that’s caught on involves the golf towel… yes, the golf towel. For the longest time, everyone was ok with clipping the golf towel onto their golf baf. Then one pro decided to steal a bath towel from his hotel room andcarry it on top of his clubs, and everyone started doing it. This is still a common practice, although most Tour pros prefer an Amino Vital towel, which is nothing more than a thin rag with the companies name spattered all over it.

If you want to be the “cool” guy on the links with a towel on your clubs instead of strapped to you bag, why not use a towel that actually works? Club Glove, known more for it’s superior golf travel gear, offers just that with its Caddie Towel, a microfiber towel that is both strong enough to remove the stubborn dirt off club faces yet gentle enough to clean your sunglasses.

THE SALES PITCH: Demanded by Tour players and their caddies, this pro sized towel has remarkable qualities not found in any other microfiber golf towel. Available in a variety of colors, each Club Glove Caddie Towel has more than 5 millions yards of microfiber strands, giving it the ability to hold 500 percent of it’s weight in water, This miraculous, waffle-textured, microfiber towel will out-perform any other towel in golf.

WHAT I LIKED: The towel has a slit down the middle of it, allowing you to fit it over a club head. Trust me, your caddie will thank you for that. It also is big enough for you to clean your dirty clubs on one side and your glasses or something delicate on the other side. The Caddie Towel also comes in nine colors – white, cool grey, oat, white/pink, red, clay, Kelly green, blue steel and royal so it can easily match your bag or ensemble.

WHAT I DISLIKED: It was very hard to find something to knock on this towel. You can forget that the towel is on your 3-wood and see it fall as you remove the club from the head cover.

VERDICT: Rock solid across the board. This waffle-textured, microfiber towel will out-perform any towel, even the oh-so-popular Amino Vital towel. Heck, you could even give your car a detailed shine with it because it’s lint-free. Now that will be a cool thing to do… if you were a car washing professional.

PRICE: $19.95

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