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Press Release08/11/11 - Avid Golfer Dallas

TRS Ballistic Luggage

Carry-on $699; Check-in $750; XL Check-in $799; Set $2,248

     Inspired by the needs of discerning globetrotters and golfers seeking the most durable and stylish luggage, the TRS Ballistic line features amazing functional capabilities such as Train Reaction System (Club Glove's patent-pending method for drastically reducing the effort needed to pull or push gear by creating a perfect center of gravity to make bags feel weightless) and patented, ultra-durable wheel base and retractable handle (engineered to provide ideal balance and convenience).

     The TRS Ballistic Luggage also features intelligent design (premium zippers, easy-to-open flap, internal webbing with superior tensile strength), and packing modules (perfect compartmentalization of clothing, toiletries, shoes and other items).

     Each piece in the TRS Ballistic line is constructed from U.S. woven 1050d CORDURA Ballistic nylon fabric. The world's most ideal material for high-end luggage, it offers double the abrasion resistance and four times the tear resistance of other premium fabrics, yet is rarely used by competing brands due to high cost.