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Press Release08/03/11 - Globe Sports

Golf Travel Made Easy

ClubGlove's new Train Reaction System allows golfers to smoothly pull as many as three pieces

If you’re a golf traveller you’ve probably had the Marley’s Ghost moment-- dragging clubs through an airport as if pulling a long, weighty chain behind you. The combination of a golf bag plus suitcase and carry bag leaves you without a hand for the infernal boarding pass and ID, let alone a beverage or phone.

But the ergonomic types in the travel-baggage industry have been hard at work turning your slog through security into a comfortable experience. New train systems allow golf travellers to smoothly pull as many as three pieces (including golf bag) with one hand, leaving a free hand for documents or snacks. Plus, the new train systems are tough enough for the baggage smashers on the tarmac and flexible enough for the overhead bins in the plane.

The three-part system I’ve been using for almost three years is created by ClubGlove, which has Canadian distribution though GolfTown and some custom shops. On a recent trip through the Okanagan Valley and Vancouver, it was clearly the most efficient and eye-catching of all the baggage systems of the the golfers on the trip.

><br>What makes the Club Glove Train Reaction System work is the ability to harness the golf bag to the stacked suitcase (1200 cubic inches) and shoulder bag, creating a four-foot long train that rolls smoothly though airports and has a good turning radius for those tight elevator cabins. The golf bag is attached to the carry-on via a sturdy clip that has yet to fail. It can fit even the most full sized golf bag of any maker along with shoes and smaller accessories.<br><br>All three pieces are also lightweight but durable material in a range of colours that are easily washable. There are other companies making similar three-piece units but none with more ease of use that I’ve found with the ClubGlove product. Prices for three-piece units including golf bag range from $750 up to $825.<br><br>Of course, a light travel system is wasted if you’re packing one of those Rodney Dangerfield Caddyshack golf bags that weigh a million pounds. To make the system even lighter try packing the nylon Hotstepper2 golf bag, also from ClubGlove. The total weight is just 3.5 pounds, a key consideration on those airlines that charge by weight for baggage. It’s a portable stand bag with room for everything you need. <br><br><br><img src= alt=
There are many good brands of lightweight bag, including Ogio, Sun Mountain and Nike. Prices range from $100 to $250 depending on the sophistication of the bag. About the only thing the baggage can’t do is improve your short game. That’ll be your own chain to drag through life.

Bruce Dowbiggin grew up in Montreal, lived for a good spell of his working life in Toronto, and moved to Calgary near the beginning of this decade to write a general sports column for the Calgary Herald. He is also a successful author, having published five books including the latest, Meaning of Puck: How Hockey Explains Modern Canada and he's won two Gemini Awards as a sportscaster. Bruce's column on sports media appears exclusively on He can be reached at and on twitter @dowbboy